Traditionally, "Mixed Media" is used to describe artworks composed of a combination of different materials.
Marianne use of perforated metal plates and their shadows, transforms the solid static metal plate into a striking fine art medium, by opposition, shadows becomes ultra light and moves out of thin air all around the Art piece.

From traditional fine Art to Conceptual Visual Art, Marianne produce unexpected visual effects. When Mixed Media became Fine Art, when the overlapping and layering of different perforated plates manipulate the light, the light itself change what was heavily static to brilliant enlightened movements. 

Oil on Canvas

Marianne is pursuing a new passion project to match Camailleux to the shadows created by her B A Z Concept. Marianne masters the Camailleux technique since her attendance at the famous fine art grand school: Ecole National Supérieure Des Beaux Art de Paris, where she was appraised among her category and won multiple Art awards since. Camailleux is made of one color with gradation mix with black and white. With the use of the right proportion of the grey within the black and white you will find the light within the shadows. It became a match in heaven to use the shadows created by her B A Z sculptures to give life and movement to her paintings.

Sculptures & Installations

marianne nems sculptures


What's Marianne  next Sculpture Project? Not necessary the world's largest sculpture, but installation where her art will redefine the relationship between sculptures, light and fashion.
Fashion is originally made of basic material like cotton, metal, plastic... to finally master them in some kind of divine order. Marianne bring with her visual effects, originally made of basic material as well like metal, fire, the recognition of well known shadows from the fashion industry, from the sixties to each decade up to now. The exposition of her enlightenment will bring back movement and souvenirs to life. We all have souvenirs of a silhouette, outlining a coat, a dress, a hat... Marianne is working on installation where viewers will be time traveler through a world of thousand lights in an exquisite delineation of fashion.

Wall Art

Marianne's Conceptual Visual Art is a three-dimensional artistic work design to transform the perception of all space around it. Anybody who is walking around her art will be fully engaged with the entire room and will be fully engaged with her work of art. The viewer experience in that room will be transformed. Art may not need to be isolated. Marianne know how to shift your focus from what her art represent to what it communicates, in space, in our mind, all around. Marianne developed a personal style with various media and investigations with functional and non-functional art. She is developing fundamental skills in design, mixed media, and Crystal Appliqués. It provides an exciting experimental atmosphere for the viewer. With her technical expertise she expand our conceptual thinking.