"Embracing Abundance with AI: An Artistic Journey Beyond Competition"


Dear Readers,

As an artist, entrepreneur, oil painter, photographer, and more, I've found that it's not always feasible to achieve perfection, or even extensive proficiency, in all fields within one lifetime. We used to have to make a choice and focus on one thing. Today, we're no longer confined to such limitations - we can strive to be good at everything all at once because Digitalization + Artificial Intelligence! However, adapting to this new way of learning and personal growth isn't a quick process. It might take as long as 50 years - who knows?, but the sooner you start, the sooner you can reach your full potential in this lifetime. So, pursue your dreams, aim for the top, and remember, it's a journey that requires time, patience, and hard work. Staying up-to-date is crucial, and maintaining that level of engagement is a daily commitment. The systematic sharing of knowledge via the internet only really took off after COVID-19 hit. We fed so much data to artificial intelligence simply by staying connected online, it's like we've developed a shared brain that holds our collective thoughts. 

It's not about clinging onto youth or fearing the inevitability of aging; rather, it's about learning how to continue leading a healthy life, staying in touch with the present, and shaping your future. But I wonder though, what about those who aren't computerized, or those who don't have access to technology? How will they move forward? Will they be left behind? How will humanity as a whole proceed from here? These are questions I'm very curious about. We are experiencing an incredible epoch in human evolution, and I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you. I wish all of you the very best, with abundant passion and lots of art. 

I invite you to explore my artwork. If you're looking to build a robust art collection, I would be more than happy to assist you in navigating the artworks and create a strong portfolio. 

"Embracing Abundance with AI: An Artistic Journey Beyond Competition"

In my journey as an artist, my recent partnership with AI has shed light on infinite capabilities. This wealth of possibilities has shifted my perspective on competition. No longer am I competing with others, but instead, I am in a constant state of evolution with my past self. My focus is now on investing energy where it's most urgently required in the present, amalgamating my cumulative experiences with AI, and then orchestrating the process. These are indeed exciting times, and as both an artist and an entrepreneur, I am enthusiastic about what the future holds. In a very short time, we will launch our revolutionary platform, set to transform the artistic landscape globally. I have ensured, as an artist myself, that each step of this journey has been meticulously planned to bring ease and abundance to my fellow artists. I, as an artist, am proposing a change. If you are a visual artist or a designer, I urge you to stay connected. A space is emerging where neither time nor place constrain art's accessibility, and the abundance of artworks is within everyone's reach. Implementing this concept is simple in theory, but challenging in practice. However, my partner and I stand at the threshold of a new era. We are on the cusp of introducing you to the most dynamic platform designed for artists, by an artist.

The future is near, and it is abundant with opportunity for all. 



 Written by Marianne Nems - Monday July 17th, 2023