"I depict spiritual operas ~ I view my act of depicting or fabricating art as a unique performance in time while painting an opera. The cohesion in connecting with all commons is the work of the artist ~ My art must be felt not spoken." ~ M.N.

Marianne Nems is a multi-cultural artist and designer based in Miami Beach. Her approach to creating art and developing projects is on innovating, whether it is to find a new way of artistic expression or a novel, out-of-the-box technique. Marianne’s work is distinguished by the contrast combination created by the use of the science of color in creating 3D space on a 2D medium such as canvas, the use of oil painting and diverse textures.

Creating iconic designs, ethereal figurative visual artworks, indoor/outdoor large installations, and unique designs in general.

We created the **THE BAZ CONCEPT** in all sizes, after all.
BAZ Sculpture is to draw infinitely your TIME ZERO at ALL TIMES. (see website for more detail)

Innovation takes many forms and addresses a spectrum of challenges. As a designer and an artist, Marianne always creates with an unconventional way of thinking which keeps my designs new, authentic, and different from all others. As a is a spiritual thinker and an outsider, Marianne leads with her authentic style and her unique vision. Free independent creativity is what defines Marianne Nems Studio.

We are constantly updating our minds as creators and inventors with new technology and manmade or organic materials that are Earth-friendly.
We are well known to provide our collectors with selections of top artistic mediums for top final results. Our creations will always combine Timeless Artwork and Artistic Experience with the latest technology.

At first I select the theme, then the ideas of realization come crawling one after the other on how to communicate it. The project can be either about inventing a new way of expressing a form of art, or a topic to be revealed in a non-ordinary fashion. My art mainly focuses on Innovating. The expression needs to encapsulate the work’s essential theme while remaining elegant and appealing. I seek to bring out deep emotion in my art. I use a contrasting combination of many tools at the time. Whether it is the media, the texture, the size, the color palette or the full composition, I love to come up with new concepts of mixing them together. I am always developing these ideas with the work’s essential theme in mind. In the end, it is always a story I am telling with a combination of surprises and deep emotions that bring my artworks to life. I am only able to be satisfied when my work of art has the power to surprise me every time I look at it.  


MARIANNE NEMS  is a fine artist originally from Beirut,  Paris, then New York City where she lived and worked for two decades. Presently Marianne  works out of her art studio in Miami Beach, Florida since 2016. Her main focus stands strong on innovation and creating iconic, ethereal figurative art, indoor and outdoor large installations, and unique designs in general. 



Also with my **BAZ CONCEPT** , I create branded monuments and decorative objects in all sizes for multiple applications. My clients count companies in the maritime, hospitality, wedding planning, trade shows, interior designers, architects. art galleries, and retailers; most recently ARMANI FIORI, LUXURY LIVING, ICFF, NY NOW, and more. 

Previously and for more than two decades, I worked as an interior architect in the USA, Europe and the MEANA region. I have partnered-up with an elite emerging group of architects, as an interior architect Marianne has successfully lead and completed projects in the Hospitality, Residential & Retail sectors. 

Innovation takes many forms and addresses a spectrum of challenges. As a designer and an artist, I always create with an unconventional way of thinking which keeps my designs new, authentic and unique.

“ When I design, I create shapes and forms and most importantly I develop a NEW LIFE STYLE around my work. I envision, the future and the use of an object to its maximum utility and longevity, for maximum PRACTICALITY & QUALITY OF MAKE.”

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