"Art and AI Fusion: Navigating Creative Frontiers in the Modern Era"


I came to a realization that I had been relying somewhat heavily on an AI tool to generate images derived from my own visual artwork, almost allowing it to create an entirely new visual by spinning and molding my original work with the requested style. I debated whether to leave the process entirely to the AI's imagination or to exert more control over the outcome.

I experimented by having the AI describe my paintings, which resulted in four distinct descriptions. It even presented the option to proceed with all the descriptions. Intrigued, I decided to let the AI take the lead this time. However, I must admit, this particular experience left me feeling disappointed. I adhered to the final image I had chosen and began painting it meticulously, meticulously following the lines and shapes outlined by the AI. But somewhere along the way, my enthusiasm waned, and the initial inspiration transformed into weariness, stifling my creative freedom in the moment.

This episode taught me a valuable lesson – each artist is unique. I find myself constantly exploring new techniques, testing novel approaches, and embracing curiosity as my driving force. This curiosity fuels my passion for both life and the universe we inhabit. Here’s a secret I want to share with you: I am profoundly enamored with painting and sculpting. However, my true joy lies in the act of creation itself. The AI made me realize once more that while it is indeed a remarkable tool for research and experimentation, it's essential to preserve one's authenticity. We should remember to let go and create in the moment. This principle unites all artists. So, discover what truly resonates with you, find your deepest passions, and pursue them relentlessly. Most importantly, remain rooted in your artistic era, embracing contemporaneity and innovation while maintaining your unique style. It's this individuality that truly defines an artist. Despite my recent experience, I remain an advocate for AI as a tool for research and its connection to the epoch we live in, shaping the evolution of visual art. It's essential to harness the potential that lies before us. The natural progression of art involves creating in harmony with the current epoch, utilizing the resources at our disposal to offer the world of tomorrow a glimpse of what it means to live and create in 2023.

oil painting by artist Marianne Nems


Medium: Oil on Canvas - Dimensions: 60" x 48" x 3" - Year 2023


Written on August 10, 2023 by Marianne Nems