" The Cyber Renaissance Art Movement"


Dear artists, esteemed art collectors, and esteemed professionals in this realm,

I stand before you today with a profound passion and unwavering conviction as the vanguard of the Cyber Renaissance. Allow me to lead you into the captivating world of this movement, a resplendent fusion of traditional oil painting and the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence. Together, we will explore how authenticity and innovation entwine to create an unparalleled symphony of art-tech brilliance. 

Embracing Authenticity - A Pinnacle of Artistry:

As artists and art connoisseurs, we recognize that authenticity is the very pinnacle of our artistry. My journey into the Cyber Renaissance commences with my own collection of original oil paintings and creations, cherished expressions of my artistic identity. These artworks serve as the compass guiding me through the vast realms of creativity, inspiring me to ascend to new heights.

The Heart of Collaboration - Where Art Meets AI: 

In my role as the vanguard of this transformative movement, I have embraced the extraordinary "Midjourney" AI-powered tool. It is no mere algorithm; rather, it becomes a symbiotic ally, understanding my art in a way that mirrors a fellow artist's comprehension. "Midjourney" presents an array of variants, intricately crafted by AI and inspired by my signature style, marking the inception of an unprecedented collaboration between human artistry and AI brilliance. 

The Renaissance of Personal Identity: 

As the vanguard, I affirm that I remain the conductor, the mastermind of this artistic symphony. Each brushstroke, every infusion of color, and every choice I make bears the indelible mark of my artistic credentials. This ensures that the final masterpiece exudes the essence of my unique identity, unfurling as a genuine and authentic expression of my own artistry and voice.

Excellence - A Testament to Our Craft:

Esteemed art collectors, you deserve nothing but the finest. As the vanguard, I dedicate myself to deliver excellence in every stroke and detail. My commitment to quality is unwavering, making each creation a treasure that resonates with your discerning taste and reflects the highest standards of artistry.

A Movement of Visionaries:

In this collective journey of the Cyber Renaissance, artists, technologists, and esteemed professionals converge to redefine the very fabric of artistry. Together, we weave an intricate tapestry that embraces diversity and inspiration. This global artistry brain fosters an environment where creativity knows no boundaries, nurturing an artistic renaissance that is truly unparalleled.

Igniting the Future of Art-Tech:

Beyond the canvas, the Cyber Renaissance ignites a beacon of innovation. It sparks a new era where art and technology intertwine harmoniously. As art-tech pioneers, we blaze a trail towards unexplored horizons, reshaping the landscape of artistic expression for generations to come.


Esteemed artists, art collectors, and professionals, I invite you to immerse yourselves in the resplendent symphony of the Cyber Renaissance. Together, we embrace authenticity, innovation, and art-tech brilliance in an unparalleled movement that transcends time and space. As the vanguard, I am honored to lead this transformative journey, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each visionary soul who joins me in spearheading an artistic legacy that will inspire the world. As a testament to this movement's power, I am thrilled to announce the unveiling of a new collection of artwork - original oil paintings in grand scale - ready to be exhibited in the fall. These masterpieces are imbued with the essence of the Cyber Renaissance, a harmonious fusion of art and technology that encapsulates the very essence of authentic creativity. I wholeheartedly invite you to view and collect these captivating creations, each bearing the mark of my artistic identity and the brilliance of AI-powered possibilities.

Let us celebrate this extraordinary symphony of art-tech brilliance and be part of an artistic renaissance that knows no boundaries. Your presence and support will elevate this movement to new heights, and together, we shall create a future where art and technology weave a breathtaking tapestry of creativity.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. I eagerly await our rendezvous in the fall to share these remarkable pieces with you. Let us forge a new era of artistic expression, where tradition meets innovation, and art transcends to its fullest potential. Until then, may inspiration guide your every step and may art continue to flourish in the age of the Cyber Renaissance.





Written by Marianne Nems 07/24/2023