jean vincent naurais at marianne nems


 Jean Vincent Nauraisis the author and writer  of the SAGA " The World Where Love Never Dies" available on Amazon and Narnes & Nobles in digital or hard copies books. J.V. has been involved in all levels of marketing strategies with emphasis on developing and managing clients' portfolio.

For 25 years Mr. Naurais has been collaborating with top developers and real estate investors in South Florida. His vast and successful portfolio in real estate makes him an expert in the investment sector. 

His creative business development strategy lead him to invest and collaborate with an elite group of treasurers. He has been involved in the art collecting sector since 2005.

Mr. Naurais' areas of expertise are:

Real Estate Investment, Fin Art Collecting and Business Development Strategy. 

In December 2018 he began consulting for Marianne Nems Design Studio and now works directly with                                                                                          Artist-Designer Marianne Nems, to formulate projects                                          goals and develop clients' liaison.