marianne nems founder “When I design, I create shapes and forms and most importantly, I develop a new life style around my designs; when I create, I live in the future."


Marianne Nems comes from a traditional French education in fine art and interior architecture. Since she graduated in Paris in 1993 she worked along the side of her father on large projects such as the Saudi Arabia King’s Palace and other similar large venues (...)

At the time working was more about  producing what was on the schedule following the rules within the lines of tradition. To balance the repression and in serious seek for realization as an innovator, she moved to NYC in the aim for a new and fresh start, where free and independent expression are key for success, a place where seniors and juniors can collaborate on equal grounds. In 1997 she started a new career in the USA as an interior architect.

There again her creativity was pushed back because of clients’ unreasonable demands, city codes and other annoyance to her free expression as a creator. Nevertheless she successfully accomplished many projects receiving receiving interrecognition in the design world.

Though, she was brought into conclusion that for her to find prosperity as an innovator changing the rules was necessary, at least in her designs and artistic expressions. 

After more than 2 decades in the design industry, she has developed a wide knowledge in hi-tech products in construction and how they react when specified in her projects, and very much the same in her art.

Marianne is multi-cultured, from Lebanese descent, as a young child she moved with her family fleeing the civil war in Lebanon in 1975 to Paris, France. French educated in fine art and interior architecture; now an American Independent Female. Artist and Designer she has one goal: to bring out the WOW EFFECT in the eye of the viewers with passion and elegance. She presently works with her life and business partner out of there studio in South Beach, Florida.


Marianne  is an unconventional creator and artist. She is constantly in search for material and medium combinations that have absolutely no possible connection in the traditional world, but when put together in her own fashion they bring unique discovery, new visuals that are appealing and attractive to the human eye.

Marianne likes to combine found and new materials. Her technique is based on the continuous practice of fine art, passing by sculpting to assembling metals, fastening and creating new interlocking systems; by working also with light effects and color, inserting semi-precious stones and much more keeping in mind the harmony in all for a surprising final visuals. 

Her creative world has no room for repetition or duplication, no borders or limitations, where criticism or annoying and demanding rules lies. She creates with no hesitation, her art will remain positive and ethereal where beauty is celebrated in respect to Mother Nature and the Divine.

Marianne is an outsider, somewhat a renegade in her way of producing art. She knows the rules for the fine arts and design and  has no fear in changing
them to realize her works, and to be in total synchronization with her own vision and passion for the authentic visual of the NEW.

Marianne’s exhibitions and projects:
1- 2019: The BAZ Concept in her line of design series of 4 x 1/10
2- 2019: Iconoclastic figures in her conceptual visual art works series of 3
3-2020: LOVE fine art project of oil on canvas series of 30
4- 2020: a series of 12 bronze sculptures