Photography Credits: Francois Duhamel
Short Bio: Marianne Nems, of Lebanese heritage, is an established Designer & Fine Artist from Paris, NYC and, presently based in Miami Beach, Florida, since 2016. Her approach to creating art, and developing projects is on innovating, whether it is to find a new way of artistic expression or a novel, out-of-the-box technique. Marianne’s designs & artworks are privately collected.


Marianne Nems (American/French, born Lebanese, in 1969) is a designer, painter, and sculptor famous for her integration of Fine Art, 3D chroma depth effect with figurative aesthetics into her work. Marianne received her BFA in interior architecture at L’Academie Charpentier, and her MFA at L’Ecole Supérieure Des Beaux Arts De Paris, where she studied Fine Art specializing in figurative oil painting and sculpting. She first gained recognition as an interior architect during the mid-1990s until the late 2010’s in NYC designing for the residential and the commercial sector. Marianne’s designs were innovative exploring, working, and remodeling 3-dimensional spaces were her specialty. Constantly in the contradiction between designing effectively and the freedom of expression, only found in fine art, Marianne now mainly focuses on creating projects in tune with her own vision and fine art practice. 

In 1997, she founded her interior architecture firm in NYC working on international projects in partnership with an elite group of architectural firms for which she received international recognition in the design world. In 2010 Marianne became a curator working closely with Graffiti Artists, (Daze, Crash, TatsCru, LA2, and other emerging artists). In 2017, she founded her studio in South Florida, where she created her first large outdoor installation in coordination with the City of Miami Beach, entitled BAZ, THE TIME TRAVELER, a large metallic sculpture she designed, made with recycled and perforated steel in awareness for The Paris Agreement international treaty on climate change

Marianne has since created projects including large outdoor installations, oil paintings, sculptures, photography and digital art for private collectors increasingly blurred the boundaries between fine art and commercial design culture by inventing new metal interlocking concepts, and chroma depth techniques. 

Her artworks are held in part in the private collections of the writer JV Naurais in Miami, and other private collectors in the south Florida region and New York City. Marianne is the founder of NEMS FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS, where her artwork is on display online in her Virtual Gallery hosted here:



I view my act of depicting or fabricating art as a unique physical performance in time. The sole witness of my vision I depict with the science of color a true 3-dimensional spectacle. The cohesion in connecting with all commons is the work of the artist ~ My art must be felt not spoken."

I was born with synesthesia, I am a synesthete artist from birth. My hypersensitivity allows my act of making art in the form of depiction or fabrication of artworks while experiencing all senses together at once. A visual narrative of an imaginary moment in time, in a parallel world of mine. A collage of still choreographic acts in execution, as an ongoing amalgam of the eternal frozen present which characterizes the overall vibe of caught-in-the-moment, endless atmosphere. The enigma of a magical spell, an ephemeral enchantment made eternal with material, pigment, medium, form, and act.

The Triple “C’s”: Cohesion, Connection, and Commons, the cohesion in connecting with all commons is the work of the artist.

"I paint when I surrender to the world of ‘AM', feeling “One” with the universe. Aspired, to be delivered through the envelope of ‘ME’, to the world. I feel and express what I hear from a higher voice, a higher self that takes control over my present mind and my act of depicting. I connect to all commons at once, they are part of me, one global and fused matter: “I paint what I see, I paint Oneness”

Staying cohesive while depicting is impossible yet, the sensation of an undoubted moment of truth. Vacuumed, sucked into the world of Originality, freed from boundaries, in a moment of truth in the coalition, drifting to create a vibrant 3-dimensional spectacle made of colors, textures, figures in motion, and depiction of a narrative in a flash, imagination materializes. In this bubble of creation, I connect with the universe. The operas I compose and paint are a silent invitation to enter a unique and original world of imagination made by Matter.

The operas I compose are painted with the science of color, following the voice I hear, what I see before my eyes with an extended invitation to you, my witness, the coherence of my connection to all commons. Isn’t ‘this’, after all, the reality of an artist: ‘ME’, explaining the inexplicable while transplanting a vision??

The inspiration: Inspiration doesn’t always come first!

Every layer of paint aspires to a different vision. I slowly discover the messages as I paint. I am here and I am there. I can sense the texture on the canvas building up, I can hear the sound of my breath picking up, my heart is pumping, the flow of my arms moving clockwise, and counterclockwise simultaneously without really looking, in circular movement leading the tip of the brushes onto the canvas. 

My palette is previously prepared with the necessary hues. Listening to high vocal notes and poetic lyrics I am transported in a flash. Now inside the rainbow, I am composing. Before the empty canvas, eyes wide open I see forms, faces, silhouettes as emanations rising from a genuine rainbow at reach. My palette becomes a tool for sculpting in color. I see and transmit the world of the higher voice in a 3-dimensional form as a true interpretation in the depth of what I see through and beyond the blank empty canvas. I won't question this inspiration, I only believe that with my act of painting in circular movement I become the compass, transmitting a true and quantumly calculated representation with the use of the science of color. I see and paint in space. With the use of science, I paint forms and textures and transform any 2D flat visual into a 3 dimensional visual in space. 

The Topics:  imaginary or inspiring prophecies? 

My mind is captivated: I am a volunteer prisoner captivated by the authentic voice, which I will name: Guidance – It keeps me hooked until the message is delivered through my creativity. I am unable to call an artwork “completed” until I know it is a whole with my soul.

My hues are my notes and my brushes are my instruments. Music inspires my work of art, a form of meditation. The choice of music is in coalition with the result of my painting. When both minds connect (Silhouettes N3) and a true Paint-to-Music synchronization happens is magical. I go into this deep meditation where I start connecting with Guidance through the process of fabricating an image where the notes are transformed into colors. It is when I 'trans-paint'.

A change of vision, a drift away from the expected. Throughout my life, I worked very hard when it was necessary and more, as a defense mode keeping in mind the philosophy of self-love (am-our) and confidence. Only self-love led me to the greater understanding of who we are as human. I saw the light in me, I saw and felt my soul. I saw an infinite beauty that has no shape and no form, just a scent, a define scent of chlorophyll and a securing and a warming inner feeling.

Style: Marianne Nems 3D Fantastic Painted Opera

My artworks are a multitude of stories inspired by my daily life in general. It is very possible to enter my artwork in depth by wearing 3D Chroma depth glasses.  You will see how I see it in depth while I paint it naturally, and traveling in 3D into the spiritual world of mine while traveling into the spiritual world of mine, I invite you to enter and share some of the sensations with me. Every time I wear the glasses I get chills. It reminds me of beautiful unique moments of serenity especially with: “In The Beginning Project”, the visual itself was created around a multitude of messages. Each painting has its own place in the global scenery.


1969 Born 07/12 in Beirut, Lebanon (parents: Dimitri Nems & Amal Katbe)

1987 Baccalaureat A3 at Lycee Claude Bernard, Paris, France

1992 BFA, L'académie Charpentier, Paris, France 

1993 MFA L’Ecole Supérieure Des Beaux Arts De Paris, Paris, France

1997 Marianne Nems Interior Design Firm, New York, USA

2010 Art curator based in New York, USA

2017 Fine Art studio in Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Lives and Works between New York and Miami Beach, USA

Art Fairs:

2010 New York Art Week at Fountain Art Fair

2010 Miami Art Week at Fountain Art Fair

2011 New York Art Week at Fountain Art Fair

2012 Hamptons Fine Art Fair

2013 Miami Art Week at Art Miami 

2014 Volta Art Fair NYC

2015 Miami Art Week Art Miami 

2016 New York Art Week at Affordable Art Fair

2017 Frieze New York 

2018 Miami Art week at Art Miami

2019 New York, New York One Design Fair

2019 Guest Designer at ICFF NYC

2021 Virtual Exhibition at


2010 New York at Dorian Gray Gallery: OZ, Nothing Makes Sense

2011 Beirut, Lebanon, at Mark Hashem Gallery

2018 Dubai Art Week, Art Dubai  

2021 PARAISO, M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milano, Italy

2022 Marianne Nems Virtual Gallery 

My Works

(2016-2017) The Baz Concept

(2017) BAZ The Time Traveler

(2018) BAZ, Time Zero

(2019),  I Love You in Pink, I Love You Twice.

(2020)  Six Book Covers the series and the project entitled: “The World Where Love Never Dies” 

(2020) I have painted in the Beginning, 20|20

(2021-2022) SILHOUETTES

(2022) Breaking The Rules To Cadence Zero

(2022) Fleurs Exotiques

A painted opera in six acts





miami art week marianne nems with tats cru angel ortiz and fumero


At first I select the theme, then the ideas of realization come crawling one after the other on how to communicate it.

The project can be either about inventing a new way of expressing a form of art, or a topic to be revealed in a non-ordinary fashion. My art mainly focuses on innovating.

The expression needs to encapsulate the work’s essential theme while remaining elegant and appealing. 

I seek to bring out deep emotion in my art. I use a contrasting combination of many tools at the time. Whether it is the media, the texture, the size, the color palette or the full composition, I love to come up with new manners of using them together.

I am always developing these ideas with the work’s essential theme in mind. In the end, it is always a story I am telling with a combination of surprises and deep emotions that bring my artworks to life. 

I am only able to be satisfied when my work of art has the power to surprise even me every time I look at it.

When I paint, I paint and sculpt at the same time straight on the canvas letting my creativity lead. I imagine, I feel and live the emotions of the moment, let myself flow with all this Spiritual Energy. I use oil and natural pigments in my palette, the hues are vibrant, warms, and textured. I paint in layers sometimes up to 10, until I find the final layer that applies most to my visualization of the final result. This technique also allows me to create multiple moods at each layer, which is caught by the eye, it tricks it into a 3D depth effect. The world of my imagination can’t be flat!

Through the various acts of creating art through sculpting, assembling, fastening, inventing new interlocking systems, light effects, and color harmonies, inserting semi-precious stones, developing a 3-dimensional depth effect with traditional oil painting, and much more, I have found and continue to find my true nature.

I am thrilled to finally be able to share with you my unedited body of work of 5 consecutive years, in creating exciting new projects wishing that one day I’ll have the opportunity to show publicly.

~Marianne Nems


Oil Painting:

featured in IN THE BEGINNING 20|20 project

Each canvas consists of 8 to 10 layers of paint, with its bottom layer in gesso. Using gesso allows me to create an invisible layer of subtle 3-dimensional strokes. Subsequently, I carefully select and mix the color palette and tones to achieve the 3-dimensional effect desired. 

The final visual offers bright and lively colors. It leaves the eye wandering from one painting to the other in a spiral shift. It’s a true draw working on the subliminal. It is innovative and unique. For more thrills, I suggest that the viewer wears the ChromaDepthⓇ3D glasses to discover the depth of the layers in all their chromatic intensity.


featured in BAZ, The Concept project

Assembled Perforated Sheets

I emboss, assemble and manually bend thin metallic sheets to obtain the size and the shape desired. I then fasten them together using multiple screws of various sizes and shapes and open caps on top. 

Reversible Suspended Art

featured in Iconoclastic Figures project

I insert the perforated sheets from one side to the other using screws then hex nuts on each end “sandwiching” the metal sheets in between, which automatically draws the identical shape on the reverse of the sheet as well. It becomes a double-sided art: RECTO-VERSO 

I use this technique to draw shapes, to insert stones in the caps with stones on one side for a more elaborate visual and leave the other side as is for a more rough-industrial visual. 

One side carries the finished end and the other the rough side of the screw, which gives the suspended work two vastly different expressions or one set of dualisms: Elegance vs. Industrial; Crystals vs. Roughs; Finished vs. Unfinished.

For the whole duality to be visible, I suspend these pieces with a metal spring consisting of a 360 swivel base that gives it mobility. Thus, the metal sheet can easily be turned to show both sides when desired. The suspension also allows the media to glow when it moves.

Lighting & Shadowing

featured in Iconoclastic Figures & The BAZ, The Concept projects

I use LED strips to add a backlit glow that creates more depth to the piece. This also serves to create a natural contour around the whole of the piece as well. 

I also make use of natural candle light throughout the perforated patterns. The raw candlelight flicker materializes in the form of a moving shadow on the wall in the form of the pattern itself. 

Crystal, Semi-Precious Stone & Metal Leaf Appliqué

featured in Iconoclastic Figures & The BAZ, The Concept projects

I insert crystals and other semi-precious stones by hand, inside the screw caps and the perforated metallic sheets as part of the color palette. 

I also apply metal leafing including, gold, silver, colored aluminum and copper.

Mixed Media:

featured in Iconoclastic Figures project

Papier-mache - Spray paint - Resin - Mother of pearl - Stencil