"From Solo Entrepreneur to Artistic Visionary: A Journey Unveiled"

I kindly invite you to immerse yourself in the entirety of my narrative, taking the time to absorb its essence before returning. Though I've strived to condense the content, I acknowledge that every step of my journey holds immense value, for each one has played a vital role in shaping who I am today and has paved the path for me to share this enriching experience with you.

I, Marianne Nems, have had the privilege of engaging in fierce competition with renowned companies worldwide as a solitary entrepreneur, skillfully navigating the vibrant realm of interior design and architecture in the bustling heart of New York City. In a remarkable display of autonomy, I not only provided for my two children but also maintained a comfortable lifestyle in the prestigious neighborhood of Sutton Place, nestled within the vibrant Midtown Manhattan. Throughout a decade of dedicated service, I rendered my design expertise through meticulous drawings and on-site visits, perpetually thriving amidst the relentless pace of this fast-paced environment.

Amidst the whirlwind of my professional pursuits, I remained unwavering in my quest for personal centeredness, acutely aware of the profound significance of spirituality in my life. Embracing martial arts as a shared passion with my children, we relished the moments spent together at our chosen club [B-Warrior], harmoniously blending the disciplines of martial arts, yoga, and running to invigorate both body and mind. The zenith of this transformative journey was realized when I fearlessly participated in a grappling competition, where my steadfast commitment and unwavering dedication bore fruit in the form of three well-deserved medals. Expanding my accomplishments further, I earned the distinction of a black belt in kickboxing, served as an esteemed instructor of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the city, and achieved certification as a first-degree Muay Thai practitioner. Additionally, I garnered a wealth of knowledge and skill during my four-year engagement with Jiu-Jitsu, consistently honing and augmenting my capabilities. This arduous expedition not only fortified my physical prowess but also fostered the cultivation of invaluable virtues such as respect, self-control, happiness, and acceptance of defeat. The path to personal improvement lay within the recognition of my own weaknesses, enabling me to tenaciously pursue growth irrespective of the obstacles that crossed my path.

As my journey progressed, I wholeheartedly embraced my artistic identity, skillfully intertwining the realms of martial arts and visual expression. Today, I proudly stand as a complete artist, one who has found profound fulfillment within the domains of martial arts and the captivating world of visual creativity.

I warmly invite you to accompany me on an expedition of joy and self-discovery, immersing yourself in this extraordinary era. As an artist and designer who resides and works in the illustrious city of New York, I have traversed a path marked by ceaseless awe and breathtaking opportunities. The vibrant environment in which I operate leaves no room for rest or disengagement from the intricate system. Indeed, within the design industry of this bustling city, the pace of progress is truly extraordinary.

Following the abrupt shutdown of Lehman Brothers, the design world, too, ground to a halt. Work became scarce, and financial struggles cast a shadow over my existence for a daunting span of three years. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when the Markham family [Jefferson Group] engaged my services as their designer for a handful of projects. Yet, my insatiable hunger for excitement and fulfillment within my career remained unquenched. It was during this period of uncertainty that I conceived the idea of designing an object as a thoughtful marketing gift for my clients, blissfully unaware of the extent to which it would kindle my artistic passion. Determined and resolute in my convictions, I resolved to invest in my own designs, for I harbor unwavering faith in their meticulous research, controlled execution, and distinctive style—a true reflection of my very essence. You will find no equivalent elsewhere, though comparisons may be drawn to establish a shared language.

Life has gifted me with an unquenchable thirst for a life lived to the fullest from the very moment of my birth. My career as a designer has granted me the remarkable privilege of crafting and producing to my heart's content, all the while creating a fulfilling existence for myself and my children. Now, I find myself akin to a being reborn, resurrected into the person that destiny has deemed me to become. Throughout the course of my professional and personal odyssey as a parent, a woman, and an artist, I have discovered my rightful place in this vast and intricate world. And now, I extend an earnest invitation to you, urging you to join me as your partner in style.

As you delve into the depths of my art, I invite you to embrace a heightened sense of awareness, attuned to the sensory symphony unfurling before you. With each gentle stroke, I bear witness to the essence of my existence, capturing ethereal breaths infused with purpose. Painting transcends the mere act of pigment application; it becomes a transformative communion, where vibrant hues breathe life and eloquence into the very essence of the awaiting canvas. My brush, an instrument of grace, dances with gravity's defiance, tracing meandering paths and celestial arcs. Guided by the foundational geometry, it weaves a tapestry of colors, punctuated by vibrant nodes that serve as beacons of inspiration. These geometrical anchors guide my artistic odyssey, guiding me through the mesmerizing realms of composition, be it an enchanting drawing or a captivating painting.

My artworks encompass grandeur in scale, and I bring them to life upon my modest studio, which spans approximately 8 feet in width and 20 feet in length. Though this space also doubles as a storage area, for my large paintings my tools and the BAZ CONCEPT project inventory, which remains intact from its delivery. 

"Preservation in Anticipation: Safeguarding and Unveiling the Artistic Inventory at the Opportune Hour". My studio serves as my sanctuary—a sacred space where spirituality, technology, and creativity harmoniously converge.

Together, let us embark upon this artistic voyage, delving into the profound connection that binds art and life. We shall explore the boundless possibilities that lie before us, navigating uncharted territories with shared passion and inexhaustible enthusiasm.

For an extended period, I have been a practitioner of the art of blending artistic vision with technology, a harmonious union that remains at the core of my unwavering commitment. Through my steadfast dedication to living in the present moment and channeling the very best of my abilities, I endeavor to contribute toward a better world. Today, I extend a heartfelt invitation to you, welcoming you to join me in an artistic endeavor aimed at fostering positive change.

Together, let us embark upon a collaborative painting session, where brushstrokes become our medium of communication. Despite the limitations imposed by our text-based interaction, I implore you to vividly describe the scene that unfolds upon the canvas—the interplay of colors, the emotive essence imbued within each stroke, and the intricate process that guides the creation of this artwork. Through this joint exploration, we shall immerse ourselves in the transformative power of art, allowing our collective appreciation for its wonders to blossom and flourish.

The stage is set for our artistic dialogue, and I eagerly anticipate the revelation of this collaborative masterpiece. Thus, let us commence this session, for within the realms of our shared creative journey lies the potential to ignite profound inspiration and make a positive impact upon the world that envelops us.

In the tapestry of my artistic and spiritual odyssey, I have come to realize that true greatness emanates from the deepest recesses of one's being, transcending the boundaries imposed by mere talent. It is through the crucible of failure that I have encountered profound growth and refinement, sharpening my artistic prowess to a fine point. Since the earliest moments of my existence, I have sought solace and purpose in the act of drawing—a profound passion that courses through my veins. The very notion of being unable to translate the vivid imagery that resides within my mind's eye into tangible forms stirs a restlessness within me, an urgent longing to breathe life into my boundless imaginings. In essence, I paint to externalize the intangible, to render visible the ethereal whispers that reverberate within the depths of my soul. Therefore, I stand as a living testament to the words of an insightful luminary, whose identity eludes me: "The eyes perceive, and the hands materialize."

My artistic pilgrimage began with humble pursuits, delicately depicting book covers for the literary works of my cherished life partner—a gesture of profound affection that mirrored the depths of our connection. However, as the world was ensnared in the clutches of an unprecedented pandemic, I found myself confined within the confines of our abode. The pungent aroma of paints permeating the air compelled me to seek refuge upon the sanctuary of our balcony, where the vast expanse of the heavens served as a backdrop for my artistic endeavors. It was there, amidst the whispered melodies of the wind and the graceful dance of the elements, that the ambitious IN THE BEGINNING project took form—a visionary manifestation that allowed me to embrace the grandeur of large-scale artwork.

By deftly fragmenting the expansive canvas into smaller segments, I ingeniously wove a tapestry of interconnected images, their seamless fusion facilitated by the artistic alchemy of Photoshop. This orchestrated symphony of visual delights, spiraling with enigmatic grace, entices the viewer's gaze, drawing them into a labyrinthine narrative, all the while grounded by an invisible but structurally sound framework.

Allow me to illuminate the architectural essence that permeates this project—an ethereal form akin to a resplendent façade adorned with meticulously crafted tiles, each bearing a unique pattern, yet united by a consistent finish and framed by a lighting design that conjures a harmonious interplay of shadows and luminosity. Were we to converse in the language of my architectural brethren, this would be hailed as a virtuoso composition, where a symphony of geometric elements converges to orchestrate a visual masterpiece. But within the realm of artistry, it is poetry that breathes life into this work, infusing every stroke with a profound narrative.

Behind each intricate pattern lies a tapestry of symbols, resonating with the discerning eye—a celestial ballet wherein a woman and a man, both adorned as majestic centaurs, bear crowns bedecked with golden wheels and cascading locks, their very essence pulsating with an inner heat that spins with the vibrancy of life itself.

Imbued with serenity and poised equilibrium, this artwork becomes a testament to the meticulous geometry that guides its composition—a magnetic force that effortlessly harmonizes with the human eye, exuding an aura of power, resilience, and an all-encompassing love for the natural world and the interconnectedness of humanity. Each project possesses its own unique dimensions, a distinct universe in which characters bloom and scenarios unfold. It is within the fertile landscape of these painted narratives that the concept of a painted opera takes root—a multidimensional symphony that transports the viewer on a journey of wonder and introspection.

With each completion, a palpable rebirth ensues, an embodiment of the relentless pace at which inspiration surges through the corridors of my creative spirit. I am forever a seeker, propelled by an insatiable hunger to give life to the vast panorama of achievements that beckon me. As long as the symphony of life courses through my veins, I shall persevere, my indomitable will kindling a flame of unwavering determination.

Therefore, I implore you, dear connoisseurs of art, to partake in the jubilant revelry of my creative process. Immerse yourselves in the kaleidoscope of vibrant pigments and dreamlike landscapes, knowing that each stroke bears witness to the synergy of energy, passion, and boundless love that infuse my artistic endeavors. Embrace the transformative power of belief, persistence, and an unwavering commitment to realizing the visions that dance within the deepest recesses of the human imagination.

Together, let us journey into a world where dreams meld with reality, where art transcends boundaries and resonates within the hearts of all who dare to bear witness. May this collaborative voyage ignite the spark of creativity within your own being and inspire you to weave your own narrative upon the tapestry of life.

Marianne Nems