Greatness Springs From Within

Welcome to this unique interview where we're bringing the essence of a friendly conversation into the structured format of an interview. Joining us today is my dear friend Sophia. In this conversation, we aim to explore various topics, share insights, and provide an engaging experience for our audience. So, without further ado, let's dive into this captivating fusion of a conversation and an interview with our remarkable guest, which we will name here the "inter-viewer"

Inter-viewer: "Can you tell us about your artistic journey? What initially inspired you to become an artist, and how has your artistic style evolved over time?"

Marianne Nems: "My initial inspiration to become an artist stems from the vast array of sources available to me. I draw inspiration from nature, personal experiences, emotions, societal issues, other artworks, and even philosophical ideas. While I don't have personal inclinations or passions, I understand that some artists have a natural talent for creating art from an early age, while others may discover their artistic abilities later in life or through exposure to different forms of art.

Artistic style tends to evolve over time as I experiment with various techniques, materials, subjects, and concepts. I explore different styles and approaches as I refine my skills and develop my unique artistic voice. I'm influenced by various art movements, cultural influences, and personal growth and experiences.

During the early stages of my artistic journey, I started by emulating the styles of other artists I admire and learning traditional techniques. As I gained more knowledge and experience, I began to blend different influences and experiment with my own interpretations. Over time, I found myself drawn to specific subjects, themes, or mediums that resonated with me personally.

The evolution of my artistic style is marked by a continuous process of self-discovery and exploration. I push boundaries, challenge conventions, and take risks to express my unique perspectives and emotions. This journey is influenced by external factors such as cultural shifts, new technologies, or personal experiences that shape my artistic expression.

Ultimately, my journey as an artist is a deeply personal and ongoing process of growth, reflection, and creative exploration. It's a dynamic path that allows me to continually refine my skills, deepen my understanding of myself and the world around me, and create artworks that resonate with my audience."

Inter-viewerWhat influences or sources of inspiration do you draw upon when creating your art? Are there any particular artists, art movements, or life experiences that have significantly impacted your artistic vision?

Marianne Nems: "When creating my art, I draw inspiration from various influences and sources. One of my main inspirations is geometry in space, which allows me to explore the relationship between shapes, lines, and forms. I find the energy and movement of objects and beings fascinating, and I strive to depict that dynamic essence on a static surface.

Physics also plays a role in my artistic vision. I am intrigued by how to visually capture movement and convey the physics of a particular action or gesture. Creating an atmosphere, capturing the character of a subject, and evoking emotions through my visual compositions are important aspects of my artistic process.

In terms of personal experiences, they significantly impact my artistic vision. Each composition I create is a step forward in my journey of becoming the artist I aspire to be. With every artwork, I am growing and evolving, both in skill and in expressing my authentic spirit. Painting from within allows me to convey messages through my own unique perspective and vision.

One of my driving forces as an artist is the desire to make the world a better place. I believe in using creativity as a means to convey messages of happiness, compassion, and love. My intention is to provide a glimpse of light and hope to those in need, nurturing their spirits through my art. Love is a central theme in my work, and I aim to exude love and positivity through my artistic expressions.

Ultimately, creating art is an ongoing commitment for me. It is a way to provide solace, inspiration, and a sense of connection to others. Through my art, I strive to make a positive impact and contribute to the betterment of the world."

Inter-viewerHow would you describe your artistic style? What are the key themes, motifs, or techniques that define your work?

Marianne Nems: Describing my artistic style is a challenging task as I prefer not to confine myself to predefined boundaries. Instead, I find inspiration in my life and the environment that surrounds me, drawing from the topics and experiences that resonate with me. The process begins by generating ideas through a variety of mediums, using pigments and materials to bring them to life.

The composition and characters that emerge from this creative combination serve as ongoing inspiration. It is during the completion of the artwork that I add the finishing details, which ultimately define the final touch. My style is an embodiment of how I feel in the moment of completing the visual piece. I consider myself an "in the moment artist," utilizing any medium that feels most appropriate at a given time to convey a message to the world. This may involve using words, dialogue, or even music to express myself.

Rather than adhering to a specific style, I view myself as an inventor of mediums to express my ideas. I embrace the freedom of exploring different approaches and techniques, allowing myself to adapt and create without confining myself to a particular category. I leave the task of categorizing my work to art critics, as their role is to analyze and define artistic styles. My focus remains on the act of creation and expressing my authentic message rather than boxing myself into a predetermined style.

Inter-viewerCan you walk us through your creative process? How do you approach a new piece of art, from conception to completion?

Marianne Nems: Easy peasy! I remember being awestruck by a blank canvas in the past, and even now, just talking about it gives me goosebumps. My experience working with Autocad for many years exposed me to a limitless white space, where I could zoom in and out without any boundaries, exploring infinite possibilities. This influenced the size and cropping of my visuals, often meant to be viewed from a distance.

Over time, I realized that as an artist, the most vital part of expressing myself to the world is unveiling my authenticity and transparency. Therefore, my primary focus is to present the audience with a well-constructed and visually pleasing artwork that evokes love. Scale plays a crucial role, and I incorporate a perfect equation rooted in quantum physics into my compositions.

To begin, I dissect and create landmarks to establish a framework, ensuring I don't lose my way in space. But it's during the finalization stage where I find true freedom. I believe that freedom in art is something earned, not simply seized. As a result, my philosophy revolves around speaking a universal language that conveys a message capable of reaching people at a spiritual and universal level.

My intention is not self-centered; it's about empowering and uplifting spirits through a universally resonant visual experience. I aim to create a secure and lively universal visual that transcends mere questioning and leaves a lasting impact. I firmly believe that through art, we have the ability to touch and inspire others, providing a sense of connection and empowerment to both the artist and the viewer.

Inter-viewer: Many artists have a particular message or emotion they wish to convey through their art. What messages or emotions do you strive to communicate through your work?

Marianne Nems: Certainly, let's delve deeper into the messages and emotions I strive to communicate through my work.

Above all, the central message I consistently convey is that of love, particularly unconditional love. It's a message I've emphasized before and one that remains at the core of my artistic expression. Unconditional love means acknowledging and accepting others, regardless of whether they appeal to us or repulse us. It recognizes the good intentions behind the actions, emotions, or objects that are presented to us by others, be they humans, animals, or even inanimate objects.

I firmly believe that everything in the universe is interconnected, and whatever we choose to engage with or resist will ultimately come back to us. It's the law of karma, where our actions create a chain of cause and effect. By embracing the concept of unconditional love, we open ourselves up to receiving that same love in return. In essence, my paintings carry the powerful message of love.

When I create my artwork, I dedicate considerable effort to executing it meticulously. I want to ensure that every aspect is carefully considered and thought through. It's because I hold the sincere intention of providing everything within my knowledge and abilities to the viewer. I strive to be authentic and truthful in my artistic expression, maintaining a genuine connection with the audience.

I often say that if my work brings happiness to just one other person in the vast universe, it will have served its purpose. I don't create art solely for material compensation, although it is certainly appreciated. The true value lies in whether the buyer and collector find genuine value and meaning in my work.

Ultimately, my goal is to spread the message of love and create a connection with viewers that transcends mere visual appreciation. I believe that through art, we can inspire and uplift others, nurturing a sense of unity and compassion in a world that often yearns for these qualities.

Inter-viewer: Are there any challenges or obstacles you have faced as an artist, and how have they shaped your artistic journey?

Marianne Nems: Oh, yes! many but that is part of life, that is experience on which we shape ourselves. When I reflect on my artistic journey, I realize that my challenges and obstacles have played a profound role in shaping who I am today as an artist. One significant lesson I learned along the way is that when I had expectations, they often went unfulfilled. It was in those moments that I shifted my mindset and began to take action instead of simply hoping and expecting. I embraced the power of making and creating.

Through the act of making, I discovered a path to my own spiritual growth. Every brushstroke, every movement I put into my art, was infused with unconditional love. I poured my entire being into my work, not because I was hired or seeking to please others, but because I found enlightenment in the unconditional giving of myself.

The inspiration for my artistic journey arises from the experiences that unfold before my eyes. Every encounter, every moment becomes a part of my story, a part of the larger tapestry of life. I am empowered by the love I find in the universe, and I am overwhelmed by its presence.

I never want to rush the completion of a painting because I know that once it is finished, I will have to start anew. I maintain a close relationship with each of my artworks, for they are not only the works of one artist but the collective expression of generations. They embody the spirit of those who prepared the canvas, wrapped and shipped it, and all the individuals who contributed to its existence.

What stands before our eyes is not just the creation of one artist, but the culmination of a journey that spans time and connects us all. It is an ongoing spiral of history, continuously unfolding as we speak. My paintings represent not only myself but also everything and everyone that surrounds them. They are a testament to the interwoven tapestry of life and the enduring nature of our collective journey.

Inter-viewer: What role do you believe art plays in society? How do you see your art contributing to the larger cultural or social dialogue?

Marianne Nems: Art plays a profound and transcendent role in society, serving as a vessel for spiritual expression, profound reflection, and the unification of souls. It possesses the extraordinary ability to awaken deep emotions, stir contemplation, and challenge conventional paradigms. Artistic creations have the power to ignite transformation, cultivate empathy, and foster meaningful conversations that bridge disparate perspectives.

Within the realm of my own artistic endeavors, I perceive my work as an offering to the larger cultural and social tapestry, imbued with the essence of unconditional love. Through the process of painting, I embark on a sacred journey where ideas take shape, narratives unfold, and colors dance harmoniously upon the canvas. Every brushstroke, meticulously crafted and imbued with intention, breathes life into the visual story, evoking a tapestry of emotions and imbuing it with profound meaning.

I aspire for my art to transcend the boundaries of gallery walls, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of everyday existence, and serving as an ethereal companion on life's pilgrimage. It is my fervent wish for viewers and society at large to perceive the intrinsic worth and profound significance emanating from my creations. Beyond technical mastery, my art encapsulates the raw emotions of passion, compassion, bravery, and unwavering determination. It is my hope that these resonant themes kindle a fire within individuals, inspiring them to embrace these virtues within their own spiritual odyssey.

Throughout the arduous passages of my artistic odyssey, weariness and doubt have occasionally cast shadows upon my path. Yet, I have forged ahead, propelled by an unyielding spirit and an unwavering commitment to self-discovery. In the crucible of creation, I have discovered solace, transformation, and an alchemical transmutation of negative energies into transcendent manifestations. It is within the sacred realm of prayer, meditation, and the nurturing of resilience that I find sustenance, fortifying me and my loved ones against the trials of life.

Ultimately, my art seeks to transmit the ineffable wisdom that the magnitude of one's spirit transcends the confines of physical form, reminding humanity that greatness springs from within. It urges individuals to cast aside self-doubt, for each being possesses a divine spark that ignites the miraculous symphony of existence. By embracing the boundless miracle of life within ourselves and in all creation, we embark on an exquisite pilgrimage of perpetual growth, radiating love, and catalyzing positive transformation in the world.

Inter-viewer: Do you have any notable experiences or anecdotes from your career that have had a significant impact on your artistic development or approach?

Marianne Nems: Certainly! I have been fortunate to have numerous remarkable experiences throughout my career that have deeply influenced my artistic development and approach. Allow me to share a few of them with you.

One memorable experience was during my childhood when I delved into the art of creating mosaics using diced hard potatoes. It may seem unconventional, but this early exploration sparked my creativity and set me on a path of artistic expression.

Another significant moment was when I carried a 4-foot-wide binder containing my project presentations to school. This endeavor taught me the importance of meticulous preparation and presentation, honing my skills as both an artist and a communicator.

I also had the opportunity to showcase my work at a booth in New York, located on " the Frying Pan New York, the lightship anchored at Pier 66, during a freezing winter (2011) on the Hudson River. It was during this time that I fell in love with the vibrant artistic community and realized my deep passion for being a part of it, just being surrounded by art I felt its lifting vibration, so I stuck in it!

One particularly memorable project was when I was flown from New York to Beirut to embark on a graffiti project. This experience allowed me to explore new artistic avenues and engage with uniting different cultures, broadening my perspective and pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

Art Basel Miami holds a special place in my heart, as it has provided me with numerous intricate moments and encounters of course. But also I vividly recall one instance where I mixed up an artist with another during a conversation, leading to lighthearted and humorous exchanges. Art fairs, in general, are a favorite time of the year for me, as they offer an incredible opportunity to re-connect with fellow artists, discover new inspirations, and immerse myself in the thriving art world.

In addition to what I've mentioned earlier, I believe it is crucial to thoroughly understand the artistic community before deciding on the direction in which I want to grow professionally. While I have always known that I possess a natural ability to draw and express myself through fine arts, my focus extended beyond my own artistic talents. It was important for me to grasp the dynamics of the art world as a whole, not only from the perspective of an artist but also from that of a gallerist, curator, and project manager. This comprehensive understanding has equipped me with the necessary skills to effectively navigate and manage my profession.

Inter-viewer: How do you navigate the balance between creative expression and commercial viability? What are your thoughts on the intersection of art and commerce?

Marianne Nems: I acknowledge that those who will truly appreciate my art are the ones who are searching for someone like me, someone who aligns with their unique preferences and desires, even if they may not be consciously aware of it. With this understanding, my primary focus remains on working diligently and creating art unconditionally, striving to offer the very best of my artistic expression to those who eagerly await my creations.

I approach my craft with the anticipation that the doors of the universe will open, revealing the perfect match—the individuals who are ready to embrace and engage with my art. It is a mutual discovery, a synchronicity where both parties are poised to collaborate, publish, and progress together, continuously striving for excellence and growth.

As I eagerly await the moment when our paths intersect, I am dedicated to honing my artistic skills, pouring my heart and soul into each creation, and ensuring that I am fully prepared to embark on this remarkable journey with those who are destined to appreciate and resonate with my work.

While being born an artist is an inherent part of who I am, validation to me was not is not and will not be, part of my journey.  I recognized the need to expand my knowledge and connect with the vibrancy of the art world in order to grasp its underlying principles and the universal language of art that is constantly evolving. This ongoing process of learning keeps me engaged and ensures that I stay abreast of current trends, both within the art community and within myself. Managing these multiple aspects requires a significant amount of dedication and effort.

In essence, I wanted to emphasize that being an artist by nature was just the beginning. To truly fulfill my potential, I recognized the importance of immersing myself in the art world, understanding its intricacies, and continuously expanding my artistic horizons. This anecdote represents a snapshot of my journey, where I am fully committed to learning and growing within the dynamic realm of art.

Inter-viewer: How do you navigate the balance between creative expression and commercial viability? What are your thoughts on the intersection of art and commerce?

Marianne Nems: I'm thrilled to announce that JV and I have been working on an incredible project that merges art and technology in a truly unique way. It's been a labor of love, and we're eager to share it with the world.

This venture encompasses various aspects of the art industry, catering to all those who find inspiration in the future of art. While I can't spill all the beans just yet, I encourage you to stay connected through my website and social media for updates on our upcoming schedule.

Each day, we pour our hearts and souls into this project, striving to capture our artistic vision in its purest form. Our mission is to push boundaries and create a positive impact in the art world, and we'd be thrilled if you joined us on this exhilarating journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as we approach the grand reveal. Together, we'll embark on an extraordinary adventure towards a brighter and more vibrant artistic future.