MARIANNE NEMS continue to design for an affluent clientele ranging from highly refined individuals to international companies and cultural institutions. From consultations through concept development to final artistic design and project completion, MARIANNE NEMS creates sustainable designs that are exciting and timeless.  
She stand committed to create innovative, elegant, clever, sophisticated and exclusive Art while maintaining our customers’ overall goals and objectives for the project.
Marianne believes that sustainability can be achieved in Art, without sacrificing our clients’ requirements and straining capital. She will work within your budget to effectively create a new image, improve your home interior, transform your business interiors, guide you in your art curriculum, widen your brand reach, and help you to develop and fine-tune your image through her savoir-faire.

How does the process work?

A great place to start is by emailing Marianne on what you envision. You can send photos (and videos if you have any). It will be followed by a phone conversation. You will discuss details about what you are looking for and what Marianne can artistically deliver and what would be your best options. You can decide at that point if you would like to move forward. 


As a site-specific artist, private art commissions are an important part of my work. They stretch me creatively, and offer to my client a unique piece of Art, signed and repatriated. I am offering Private Commission Sculptures, for the special Art Collector who wishes to have a One-of-a-Kind Sculpture from The BAZ Concept assembled to meet their desirability. Sculptures can be used as DisplayChandeliersSconce and much more. Creativity has no limit...

See below a look-like of a primitive representation of B.A.Z concept.



A Monument is a representation of a memorable event or an important public figure, it could be ancient, architectural or cultural. Marianne Nems will be thrilled to study and honors all commissions for public Monuments or private commissions. Marianne create kinetic shadow sculptures form static perforated metallic plates and light. Her monuments create complex 3D shadows art sculptures that go beyond merely building a metallic sculpture.


Oil on Canvas

Marianne has been painting since her young age. Oil on Canvas is her best medium. Her figurative style is obviously what defines her compositions. When her painting is executed in several shades (camaïeu) of just one color, we can say Marianne master her monochromatic art. The combination of her B-A-Z sculptures and camaïeux can partakes of a rare opportunity to feel a unique form of sculptural art creating fascinating moving shadows on camaïeu which then displays mind boggling light and shades colored this time buy a flame. 


Crystal Appliqués

Marianne carefully selects her crystal palette only using the finest from Austrian  brand Swarovski. Each crystal is applied by hand and by Marianne herself for a mesmerizing unconventional and unique results. 

Interior Design

Marianne's mission in interior design, is to create new or revise the existing interior design and layouts for adaptive and artistic reuse of the building shell. She always keeps in mind all aspects of the human uses of structural spaces and environment with innovative design solutions that proudly celebrate, respect and embody the unique concept of each project and offer valuable, sustainable and enriching visions for its future. When Art meet Interior Design, Marianne has established business relationships with hotel operators and a track-record of award-winning hospitality projects.