"The Feminine Brushstroke: The Artistic Odyssey of Maestra Marianne Nems"

oil painting by marianne nems

In this very moment, I proudly stand as a living testament to the determination and ambition that fueled my transition from the world of design to the captivating realm of artistry, propelled by the undeniable force of the American Dream. The challenges that once weighed heavily upon me as a designer have now become mere echoes of the past. The repetitive cycles of planning, structuring, producing, and delivering projects, which once consumed my days, have released their grip on my creative spirit. No longer burdened by unjust blame or subjected to the toxic masculinity that tainted the industry, I have emerged stronger. The derogatory images and physical threats that once marred my path have faded into distant memories, their power diminished by the inner strength that resides within.

Intrigued by the myriad possibilities that lay before me, I embarked on a meticulous exploration of potential markets, guided by the timeless wisdom of Khalil Gibran: "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." It was in the year 2010 that the embers of my artistic spirit began to ignite, marking the awakening of a profound journey. From being an exhibitor representing other artists in New York to immersing myself in the grandeur of Miami Art Week, I found myself immersed in the language of art—a language that permeated every fiber of my being.

Despite being a newcomer in this vast artistic realm, I felt a resounding sense of belonging. The joy that engulfed my entire being and the euphoria I experienced were unparalleled. This was the realm where everything started for me—a place where I could thrive both professionally and personally. However, challenges awaited me on this path, and the weight of responsibility as a single parent compelled me to remain anchored in the realm of design. While there was a tinge of disappointment, I forged ahead on my design journey, recognizing the need to provide for my family and adapt to the ever-shifting landscape.

In my quest for a fulfilling career and a harmonious existence, I sought solace in the embrace of Miami Beach—a sanctuary where the climate whispered gentle melodies and isolation nurtured the depths of my soul. Prioritizing the care and well-being of my beloved children, Alexandre and Athena, I devoted myself to ensuring their stability and happiness before fully immersing myself in the realm of artistic endeavors.

With an open heart, I embraced the present moment, drawing inspiration from the teachings of Khalil Gibran, who spoke of courage, belief, and patience. My vision was to introduce my design office to the local community, envisioning a captivating marketing package that would beckon developers and esteemed real estate professionals, inviting them into a world where career fulfillment seamlessly intertwined with a life of beauty and contentment. This period of introspection allowed me to reflect, meditate, and gracefully welcome the winds of change as I bid farewell to the familiar.
During this transformative phase, the conception of BAZ emerged—an extraordinary sculpture meticulously crafted with intricately assembled elements and adorned with delicate perforations. Its center held a captivating convergence of light and shadow, inviting the senses into a realm of enchantment. BAZ, with its polished allure akin to a precious "bijou," mirrored Khalil Gibran's words: "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." It stood as a tangible representation of my refined creative essence, honed over a quarter-century of design expertise—an embodiment of courage, belief, and patience personified.

As I immersed myself in the creation of BAZ, a profound realization unfurled—the pursuit of aestheticism and quality carried with it a significant cost, echoing Sigmund Freud's words: "One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful." This revelation posed an unexpected challenge to my initial intention of gifting the sculpture. Guided by discernment, I embarked on a journey of careful selection, reserving the honor of receiving BAZ solely for those who embodied the virtues it symbolized—courage, belief, and patience. The sculptures have gracefully found their sanctuary in the realm of patience, where they serenely await the opportune moment to embark upon their grand journey into the expansive realm of the art market. The expenses incurred have metamorphosed into the bedrock, forming a sturdy foundation for an unparalleled and refined collection of meticulously crafted object designs, exquisitely tailored exclusively for precious décors.

A year passed, and the complete collection stood before me—a testament to meticulous design, masterful craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication. They were dispatched to the grand stage of New York City, where they would grace a prominent trade show "NY NOW".

Self-Portrait of Khalil Gibran

However, the immediate reception fell short of the anticipated level of interest and success. Financial constraints tightened their grip, and weariness threatened to overwhelm my spirit. Yet, undeterred, I summoned the indomitable spirit of a warrior, refusing to succumb to the shadows of defeat. Rest could wait, for the fires of passion still burned within, fueling my relentless pursuit of success. My resolute determination remained etched deep within the core of my being, resonating with Khalil Gibran's words: "Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life."

Then, in 2018, an unexpected invitation graced my path—an artist friend extended a heartfelt gesture, inviting me to participate in a satellite art fair during the illustrious Miami Art Week. Astonishment coursed through me, for my own paintings had yet to grace the public eye. Curiosity mingled with the winds of possibility, perceiving this invitation as a divine sign—a call to venture into the unknown, to embrace uncharted territories of artistic exploration.

Gathering my tools and materials within the sanctuary of my studio, I embarked upon a dance of creation. The harmonious fusion of perforated metal sheets, skillfully fastened and adorned with crystals and canvas, birthed a spectacle of forms. Within this process, I unearthed the secret of unbridled creation, and my unique taste emerged like a blossoming flower, echoing again Khalil Gibran's words resonating while my creativity was unfolding itself before my eyes.

In my former life as a designer, my endeavors often strayed from the intimate realms of personal taste and creativity. Yet, this profound moment of exploration, this act of creation for myself, resoundingly affirmed the wisdom of my career shift at the precise juncture of destiny. The purpose that illuminated my path became crystal clear—to create from the depths of my being, whether for my own satisfaction or for the enrichment of others.

Then, in 2019, a delightful diversion presented itself—my life partner invited me to lend my artistic expertise to designing book covers for his literary endeavor. Although a side project, it once again thrust me into the delicate dance of client demands, harmonizing their desires with the resonance of my artistic voice. Yet, amidst this collaboration, I discovered a truth—a truth that rekindled the flame of artistic passion within me. In these commissions, I realized that even within the bounds of collaboration, I retained the freedom to manifest my artistic vision. This newfound clarity breathed life into my career, infusing my creative spirit with boundless joy and facilitating my growth as an artist.

As the clock ushered in the year 2020, the world bore witness to an unparalleled phenomenon—the COVID-19 pandemic. Humanity found itself ensnared within the confines of their homes, collectively retreating from the chaos that engulfed the world. Within this period of seclusion, as I tenderly nurtured the blossoming career of my life partner as an author, a magnetic force drew me to the vibrant colors and textures of paint and canvas. Unable to resist the siren call of creativity, I embarked on a deeply introspective artistic odyssey. From the depths of my soul, I painted, mirroring the same process that birthed BAZ. The realization crystallized within me—artistry was my true calling, the realm where I discovered an unbreakable connection to the cosmos, transcending the limitations of self and immersing myself in the ethereal realms of inspiration. Each stroke of the brush, every creation that sprung forth from the depths of my being, heralded a symphony of creativity, an ecstatic dance where my spirit, ego, and intellect harmoniously converged. Thus emerged the project "In the Beginning 2020," a testament to my unwavering resilience, a conduit for profound self-expression, and a sanctuary of solace and inspiration amidst the tumultuous currents of these unprecedented times.

Original Oil Paintings (12) Project: In The Beginning 2020

Through this immersive artistic endeavor, I unveiled the key to preserving my artistic integrity—remaining attuned to the unique cadence of my personal preferences, allowing my artistic voice to reverberate with unwavering authenticity. As an artist, I discovered a profound fulfillment—an oasis where the constraints of my past vocation as a designer had no power to restrict me. Each step of my artistic journey allowed me to conquer new peaks, surmounting challenges with unwavering determination. From the summit of these triumphs, I cast my gaze upon the breathtaking panorama that stretches beyond the horizons of my imagination, a testament to the indomitable spirit that resides within me.

While my paintings served as an expression of my ego and mind, I gradually recognized the necessity of transcending their limitations. The realization washed over me—a deep yearning to surpass the boundaries of ego, to delve into a realm of understanding far more profound. And so, with wisdom resonating in my soul, I proudly declare myself as Maestra Marianne Nems—an artist dedicated to the relentless pursuit of artistry. In this realm, I find solace and purpose, a profound connection to the vast tapestry of existence that extends far beyond the confines of my individuality.

With unwavering determination, I have crafted extraordinary sculptures and paintings that embody my refined creative essence, honed over a quarter-century of design expertise. Each piece, from the captivating BAZ to the paintings of "In the Beginning 2020," carries within it the virtues of courage, belief, and patience. They are not only manifestations of my artistic vision but also invitations for others to connect with the beauty and light that reside within their own hearts.

As I continue my artistic journey, I am committed to remaining true to myself and pursuing artistry with authenticity and passion. I am grateful for the challenges and triumphs that have shaped me, and I look forward to the future with unwavering excitement. The realm of art has become my sanctuary, a place where I can express my deepest self and connect with the infinite possibilities of the creative spirit.

Baz Installation by Marianne NemsIn closing, the essence of your existence is shaped not merely by the offerings of life, but by the poised demeanor and refined disposition with which you embrace its intricacies.
These words resonate deeply within me as I continue to navigate and explore my artistic journey. It is crucial to recognize that the art world is neither inherently superior nor inferior to any other field. Instead, what matters is the realization that my sense of feeling behind or like an outsider was not a result of the type of work, profession, or industry itself. It was a message from the universe that I had been too preoccupied by my own thoughts to listen. 

When I finally acknowledged this message, I made the pivotal switch. It was in embracing solitude, engaging in deep meditation, and prioritizing my responsibilities as a single parent that I found the clarity and courage to make this transformative leap. Only when my children had grown and I had more time on my hands, combined with the confinement brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and various other factors, was I able to fully embark on this new path. In due time, I may share these experiences with you.

Today, my message is one of encouragement. I speak from the depths of my own experiences, and I can assure you that the journey is neither easy nor simple. It is within your heart that you will always find the answers you seek. They do not reside solely within books or the hearsay of others. It is through your own actions and endeavors that true learning takes place. Therefore, I urge you to look inward and trust in yourself, for that is where you will discover the answers you seek.

With love, M.N