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Tuesday 8/30/2022 

Sharing with you the latest news from the studio: 

On August First, 2022, we have submitted our project entitled: “Breaking the Rules To Cadence Zero” for the Faena Prize For The Arts 2022, and we didn't hear from them yet...Miami Art Week 2022 is in three months, this is the time frame needed to secure and install the opera stage and the art exhibition. This multidiscipline project encompasses traditional and contemporary techniques, Design, Architecture, Oil Painting, Choreography & Music Arrangements, Digital Art, Film, 3d Modeling, Coding, Logistics for a “360 degree” Virtual Reality with goggles and a Live Physical Exhibition outdoor or indoor. 

It would be amazing for our project to be considered for a grant by artistic institutions such as Art Museums, Art Foundations & International Art Galleries, and the interest of a private group of art investors and art collectors.  

It is the work of one woman behind the artworks and one man behind the computer science and the logistics, Marianne Nems ( and Jean Vincent Naurais ( present an Original Painted Opera:  “Breaking The rules To Cadence Zero”

 As private art studio for non-profit and for profit, we invite you all to support the arts and /or to participate in the cost and the royalties (formalities tbd). 

 To bring this project to life requires love, passion and the strong desire to let the public discover a very unique artistic exhibition in the history of art with a strong universal message: “

In between each breath is where we find the Cadence Zero, let’s break all the rules and take the time (---) to breath. 

 We believe that art crosses borders and brings people together, do you?

The full inventory of this project is open for sale now and officially published: All artworks here when you scroll down the page)

6 large paintings:18' x 5'  (originals)
10 oil paintings: 72" x 60" (originals)
30 oil paintings 60" x 60" (originals)
100 NFT's (@MissNems)
8 large monuments (originals, metal - hand painted) 
Because of the large inventory, the project can be fragmented in 7 different exhibitions over the period of 15 months. Taking a break in between each exhibition will allow the artist and the public to grow with the story and the spectacle.


We are in a world of imagination, a place of para-normality. A joyful, colorful, and enthusiastic spirit invades the atmosphere. To enter this kingdom of happiness, you must first acknowledge the Immersive Purification Fairy. Once cleared, you will enter a universe of rejoicing. The abundance of enchanting uplifting phenomena makes you lose track of time, track of the real world, you are now immersed and transported into a world of imagination made real.  ~ "I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams" ~ 

An Original Painted Opera On The Beach Created by Marianne Nems



Artist Statement:

“CadenZero” (Cadence Zero) is the momentum in between every one of our breaths taken, our life depends on it!

Painted Opera entitled: Breaking The Rules To Cadence Zero in this one-minute long video, and 3D 360° Virtual Tour, I am thrilled to share with you all today the Finale of a longtime soo deeply wished for dream made true! 

All along as we progressed moving forward facing many challenges we finally achieved great results and we are humbled and grateful for your encouragement and powerful kindness which uplifted our spirits as we complete this magical project!

In the effort to always recycle ourselves and appreciate our times, with this project we combined 2D & 3D in the spirit of marrying both artistic techniques in sync with our era. Virtual reality is there to create a virtual bubble in which the viewer may virtually or physically go-in-&-out of the artworks and screens with a sense of immersive because of the exaggerated size of the paintings, each telling its own story, and also showing a traditional oil painting with actual brush stokes on large scale with a 3D chroma depth effect. Our project is an invitation to take a breath of the wonderful atmosphere, a unique off-beat rhythm: The Deliverance of Cadence Zero. 

 By fragmenting and dissecting each free expression we were able to provide, we hope, new artistic thinking, we invite you here to visit our Virtual Tour 360 degrees.

Here is a virtual installation with colorful and subtle effects that lift the arts from the flat and uniform world into a  3dimensional entity in space as a fractal atom-moment; the ongoing leader, the gauge of a clock looping in place but leading the spiral of time, in a drop of air in which we take our breath. At every end, we find “CadenZero”

We invite you here to a synthesis of proficiency, an alternation between fashions of free expression and mediums, a dance following one rhythm in continuity, as the ongoing invisible made visible spiral created by the ball juggling of a clown. It all depends on how many balls there are in the throw which makes the clown happier to overcome his capacities. In this project, we got out of our comfort zone to deliver our utmost as artists & designers in 2022. You are now invited to be hypnotized and sucked in for a moment of joy and happiness.

 PS: As a creator, an artist, and a composer, happiness in color and form as depicted and composed, is what I wish to share with you today. Many thanks to my partner JV who supported me in my project and brought to us the technology behind this beautiful 3D model and virtual reality tour. Find him