MIAMI ART WEEK 2021 DEC. 1st TO 21st, 2021 - 12-8PM DAILY R.S.V.P. HERE - required -

I am thrilled to finally share with you my un-edited body of work. The exhibition will include five projects and multiple medium:

  • Oil Paintings (The World Where Love Never Dies - In The Beginning - Silhouettes N1 - Silhouettes N2)
  • Sculptures (The Big Bang - Naema - Birds - Tree of Life )
  • Wall Art (Iconoclastic Figures)
  • NFT Art (Athena's Dance - Baz Time Zero)
  • Black & White Photography (BAZ Large Public Installation)
  • BAZ Live Sculptures ( Naema - Tree Of Paradise - Horizon - Starlight)

The combination of strong brushstrokes of oil paint, the multiple layers applied and the choice in the color palette create a three dimensional mix between shapes and texture. The chromatic 3D depth effect (with glasses) is very strong. I paint with small brush strokes on a large surfaces, adding the multiplication of layers, I paint as I go and will deliver only a few large-scale paintings in one year. I love what I do and the time spent on each painting.

I paint and sculpt at the same time straight on the canvas letting my creativity lead. I imagine, I feel and live the emotions of my characters, let myself flow with all this Spiritual Energy. I use oil and natural pigments in my palette, the hues are vibrant, warms, and textured. I paint in layers sometimes up to 10, until I find the final layer that applies most to my visualization of the final result. This technique also allows me to create multiple moods at each layer, which is caught by the eye, it tricks it into a 3D depth effect. At last and not least, I highly recommend that you wear the 3D Chroma Depth Glasses to get the optimum possible way to understand my art and to experiencing it while viewing my art. The world of my imagination can’t be flat! 

Through the various acts of creating art through sculpting, assembling, fastening, inventing new interlocking systems, light effects, and color harmonies, inserting semi-precious stones, developing a 3-dimensional depth effect with traditional oil painting, and much more, I have found and continue to find my true nature. 

 DECEMBER 1 TO 21, 2021 - 12-8PM DAILY