IN THE BEGINNING 2020, is series of 20 oil paintings on canvases size 150 x 120 cm. Each canvas is treated separately as an independent painting, but when all twenty canvases are put together starting from the center out in a spiral order moving clockwise it creates an amazing final visual of 6 meters x 6 meters (36M2). The medium used: Oil painting on canvas- The technique: I paint 8 to 10 layers on each canvas. I carefully select and mix the color palette and tones to achieve the 3 Dimensional effects wanted. The final visual offers bright and lively colors and the composition is original and ethereal. Leaves the eye wandering from one painting to the other in a spiral motion. It’s a true draw working on the subliminal. It is innovative and unique. And then to discover all the intense layers in deepness I suggest wearing the Chroma Depth Glasses. Six out of twenty are completed, since I am unable to focus on anything else in life right now it should be completed very soon, right on time for the exhibit in July 2020. Above: In The Beginning 20|20- Oil on canvas, size: 300 x 150 - Original Artwork by Marianne Nems - Scroll down to view all artworks