Above is the work in progress of the first large painting entitled: Silhouettes #1 - Ballerinas On A Wedding Day

Welcome to our gallery we have a few recommendations which could make your visit more exceptional:

We recommend that collectors always get what they like, the artwork and the medium that talks to their heart first. I personally prefer Oil Painting (Click here). 

I also recommend that you use the 3D  Chroma Depth Glasses for a unique and sensational in-depth experience. Click here ).

2021 PROJECT: SILHOUETTES is a series of 6 large oil paintings. 

Each "SILHOUETTES " represents One large unique visual as shown above and 14 unique paintings. This is a great and intense project I have put together especially for collectors who like to stay in touch and love their passion for the arts.  Check out our Oil Painting page for more information.

My next characters for SILHOUETTES will be with a definition. I prefer painting with strong brush strokes. Once in front of my white canvas, I'll just paint... For daily updates follow me on Instagram

From a technical point of view, my paintings are made up of ten layers, the first of which is gesso to create an invisible layer of three-dimensional strokes, and I work in layers of multiple tints. The final results are amazing with the 3D glasses!!!


In my first SILHOUETTES, I have painted ballerinas, their body torsion and facial expression fascinate me. How they mask their pain with elegance, how they mold their persona amazes me. They are unique, have a different dynamic, and strong message. They do this because they are passionate! You must love it so much to go through such a hardship! Ballerinas to me represent LIFE ITSELF, BALLERINAS ARE SYMBOL FOR LOVE & STRENGTH COMBINATION. It fascinates me! It inspires me!

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