Concept Designs





THE BAZ CONCEPT for Branding & Collecting

Above: BAZ B1 "Nucleus" in Stainless Steel Highly Polished with Crystal Inserts (in the Low Mount)


Make your brand stand-out by adding the Iconic Design of the B A Z' Candle Lights to your decoration ideas. Thoroughly designed and crafted for INDOORS and OUTDOORS, B A Z will add-on to your décor and will definitely create an ethereal atmosphere. With its perforated panels shadowing onto the surrounding walls, B A Z will enhance the mood with its perforated panels shadowing onto the surrounding walls.

B A Z creates airspace and fluidity. B A Z will clear room on your dining tables for your customers to enjoy their meal without juggling between dishes for space on the table.

B A Z is beautiful and functional:

Candle Lamp &  Vase  at the SAME time  B A Z standard sizes and finishes are studied to fit within a minimal space, to clear room and liberate some real estate onto your tables or in your lobbies.

B A Z CONCEPT is specifically designed to help solve the space problem in crowded public areas. Hotel Lobbies are crowded and space gets tight very quickly combining décor, atmosphere and service satisfaction. 

Above: Right: BAZ B1 "Nucleus" in Stainless Steel, highly polished | Left: BAZ " Starlight Size B2 in Steel, Powder-Coat Finish

The New B A Z Concept here shown as a pedestal for floral arrangement display (credit to ARMANI FIORI).  Pedestal side panels are made with man made material simulating natural stone. Right below in between the two side panels go the Candles for a BIG SPACE SAVING with STYLE!

Grand Floral Arrangement for an Elegant and Unique Table Décor 
Above:  BAZ " Nucleus" Size "B1": H 6" x W 4.5" x D 5" Hold: up to 100 lbs. For Floral Arrangement: H 14" x 8" x 8"