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UPCYCLED STREET ART ON CANVAS & NFT ( both come together when you purchase this artwork )

TO START BIDDING Go to: OPENSEA.IO  Drops DEC. 10th at 5 PM Auction Starts @ $5K | 4.5 ETHEREUM

Size: 108" x 80" x 3" (275 cm x 204 cm x 8 cm)

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Mixed Media on Canvas, revisited by the artist to enhance and embellish the brush stroke while keeping the wood grain apparent for a true, unique, and original artwork. It is a one-of-a-kind signed and authenticated original and unique artwork. A collectible artwork from a living and established artist based in Miami beach.

Dimensions: 108"x80"x 3" respecting the same ratio of the street art displayed here.

The Canvas is stretched and prepared to hang immediately. It will ship in a wooden box, weight: approximately 100lbs

Wall art installation overall dimensions including separation: 550 cm Long X 300 cm High x 15 cm Deep.

Located at: 100-21st Street, by The Setai, Miami Beach 2001 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (NW side of the building, closer to the beach- facing the W HOTEL

The Wall is not for sale because it is affixed to the building. We own the artwork and we want to put it to the benefit of our children with disabilities and special needs, and to serve the purpose of bringing a lot of smiles with field trips around the holiday season.