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Marianne Nems, a visionary artist, meticulously crafts expansive oil paintings that transcend their original form, undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis into magnificent, oversized tapestries. These resplendent tapestries serve as awe-inspiring adornments for vast walls, elevating and enriching the grandeur of large-scale spaces. Remarkably, even from considerable distances, these immense visual masterpieces retain their captivating allure and vibrant hues, making them ideal for prestigious hotel lobbies and expansive architectural marvels.

In our pursuit of excellence, we extend a cordial invitation to architects and interior designers, urging them to pre-order these extraordinary textured artworks at least four months in advance, ensuring a timely delivery that aligns seamlessly with their project timelines. These exquisite woven depictions are meticulously handcrafted in France, employing the most exquisite threads, including the finest silks and wools, sourced from a vast array of colors. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees an astonishing and authentic final result that faithfully reproduces the digital imagery and high-resolution technology employed in the creation process.

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