BAZ | Paradise |  Candle Lamp Sculpture - Original 1/1 - Gifts

BAZ | Paradise | Candle Lamp Sculpture - Original 1/1 - Gifts

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BAZ Candle Lamp - Paradise | Powder coat with two Mirror Polished Center Bases Candle light - BAZ PARADISE -



Is inspired by the Japanese cherry tree which blossoms only for one week each year. In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming en masse, besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life, an aspect of Japanese cultural tradition that is often associated with Buddhist influence, and which is embodied in the concept of mono no aware. The association of the cherry blossom with mono no aware dates back to 18th-century scholar Motoori Norinaga. The transience of the blossoms, the exquisite beauty, and volatility, has often been associated with mortality and graceful and readily acceptance of destiny and karma; for this reason, cherry blossoms are richly symbolic and have been utilized often in Japanese art, and film, as well as at musical performances for ambient effect. There is at least one popular folk song, originally meant for the shakuhachi (bamboo flute), titled "Sakura", and several pop songs. The flower is also represented in all manner of consumer goods in Japan, including kimonos, stationery, and dishware.

Here for our Tree of Paradise Design Marianne has chosen to add our Love Birds to symbolize Love, Serenity, and Eternity all in one. 

This is a beautiful Candle Lamp or Lantern if placed at a high mount which is wonderful for your interior home decor, or/and your garden as a lantern for a mesmerizing evening.

Material and Finish:

The Side Panels are made in 3/16" thick Steel with an application of powder coat (two coats) technique and a satin finish for a great flawless final result. 

The Inner Base and Candle Tray as shown here are in 1/8" thick Stainless Steel, Mirror Polished by hand in the top quality of craftsmanship in the United States for the infinity mirroring effect.  

Color: Fusha Powder Coat, Satin Finish

Material: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel 

Candle Baz - BAZ CONCEPT

B12 Overall Size: W 12" x H 4.5" x D 6" 

Side Panels: W 12" x H 4.5" x 1/8" Thick

Candle Tray: W 3" x D 3" x H 1"

As shown with type "B SQUARE" center base. BAZ includes: two side panels, two center base type "B" square cut-outs, and four candles (burning hours 30 ea.)

BAZ is Designed, Assembled & Packaged in our Studio in Miami Beach, Florida

100% Proudly Made in the USA  

All sculptures will be polished and packed impeccably prior to shipping, we guarantee to polish against scratching for one year after the day of purchase.