"I Love You Twice" Oil Painting
"I Love You Twice" Oil Painting

"I Love You Twice" Oil Painting

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Fine Art Painting entitled: "I Love You Twice"

Oil on Canvas with a 3D Effect when viewed with 3D special glasses another world just starts to pop! try it even on your screen, it is amazing :)!

Is an original oil painting by Marianne Nems with an exceptionally detailed brush stroke. This painting is one of kind with a 3 Dimensional effect with 3D glasses. It is possible to see even here on your screen if you have 3D glasses handy you'll be able to see the effect!

This painting is unique - please contact us should you have any questions about the painting or if you'd like to see it in person, we will be happy to schedule an appointment.  

Size: 50" x 40" x 2"

Medium: Oil On Canvas and Gold Leaf

Artist: Marianne Nems 

Year 2019

Lot # 10011

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