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Open Your Heart is a combination of multiple media:

Stainless Steel , Aluminum, Swarovski Crystals, Gold Leaf, Wood, Plexiglas, Resin and LED lighting

Size: 60" Wide x 72" High x 24" Deep

Story: Open Your Heart is an amazing representation by Marianne Nems of LOVE it self - 

A wall sculpture of an overall oval shape inspired by the rays of the sun to remind the warmth of the light - the opening in between the two Plexiglas half moons represents the opening of the heart to let and to push out the ultimate love - the nucleus - of each of us. Here represented by the spherical shape inserted by hand with authentic Swarovski crystals an other crystal ornaments. 

The Plexiglas is installed in a horizontal oval shape to contrast with the vertical oval created by the rays of the sun to balance out the overall sculpture.

The human eye seeks balance and symmetry even within the oddest shapes. Marianne's work is catchy and innovative. The combination of materials and mediums she uses is mesmerizing.  Open Your Heart wall sculpture is a unique and strong interpretation for a call for love and acceptance. 

This is a one of a kind work of art, it is well balanced and put together, the composition is made with a multitude axes and curves within a three dimensional universe. Marianne strongly brings a well balanced overall unique and catchy work of art.

As shown here is still work in progress - will show images of completed art work very soon!

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