Licensing for: Painted Opera: Braking The Rules to Cad...

Licensing for: Painted Opera: Braking The Rules to Cad...

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The licensing for my opera is now available for purchase. By obtaining the license, you are granted the right to produce the opera and print all related artwork, subject to the terms of the agreement. The retainer fee for the license is $120,000, with an additional 50% share of all profits from sales associated with the project. We can discuss the formalities and specific terms of the licensing agreement at a later time. Please let me know when you are ready to proceed with the purchase of the license. Inquire here or email me:



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Allow yourself to be transported into a realm of boundless creativity, where vibrant colors and imaginative concepts come to life before your very eyes. As you enter this otherworldly domain, you will first encounter the Immersive Purification Fairy, whose mystical presence ensures a purging of any distractions from the outside world. With a clear mind and an open heart, you will be free to explore the fantastical world that lies before you. The joy and enthusiasm that permeate the atmosphere are palpable, and you will find yourself swept up in a wave of exuberance. The immersive experience that awaits you is an amalgamation of uplifting phenomena that will leave you awestruck and entranced. In this world of imagination made real, time loses its meaning, and the boundaries of reality are blurred. Join us on this journey of pure imagination and allow yourself to be swept away by the magic that awaits.


his is a multidisciplinary artistic project that embodies non-binary free expression through both virtual reality and physical mediums. It offers an immersive experience that incorporates contemporary high-tech capabilities such as advanced audiovisual effects, interactive installations, and innovative sensory experiences

  • 3D Modeling/Rendering
  • Virtual Reality
  • 360 Degree Tour
  • Live Video 
  • Visuals w/3D Chromadepth Effects
  • Visuals with Glow-in-the-Dark Paint 

THE CONCEPT: Breaking The Rules To Cadence Zero is an immersive artistic experience that transcends conventional boundaries through a multidisciplinary, non-binary, and free-expression approach. The exhibition employs cutting-edge technological capabilities such as 3D modeling and rendering, virtual reality, 360-degree tours, live video, and visuals with 3D Chromadepth and glow-in-the-dark effects. The show invites the viewer to disconnect from the frenzied cadence of life, to take time to acknowledge, pause, and enjoy the art before them with their mind, body, and soul.

The composition of the exhibition seeks to create intentional subtleties by contrasting different characters, entangling them, and emphasizing them with enlarged, cropped portraits, all to provoke the viewer's curiosity and attract their attention and enthusiasm. The result is a hypnotic effect that compels the viewer to pause and engage with the exhibition's various effects and visual stimuli.

Breaking The Rules To Cadence Zero consists of six long visuals, each painted with a chromatic palette that creates a natural 3-dimensional depth effect. Oversized sculptures, live performances, and musical arrangements complement the visuals, enhancing the immersive experience and transporting the viewer into a fantastical world. The friendly forms, warm palette, joyful colors, 3-dimensional chromatic depth, and a multitude of happy characters in combination with enchanting music, vocals, and live performances, take the viewer on a journey from one painting to the next, eliciting reflection and wonder.

The exhibition's ultimate purpose is simple: to encourage the viewer to pause and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them, simply because they can. Breaking The Rules To Cadence Zero offers a respite from the hectic pace of life and invites the viewer to embrace a moment of pure enchantment.



The paintings:
18 feet long each, printed on metal and installed at 90 cm above (3 feet above the stage floor) held and affixed to a multitude of coral reefs coming off the sand as if they emerged from underground, made with reflective aluminum material. This will provide a total of 109 feet long (5 feet high) hand-painted visual divided into 6 panels.

Choreography & Music arrangements
The dancers will grace the stage with captivating live performances, each lasting 60 seconds, and synchronized to a lively, world music remix. The choreography will showcase a diverse range of dance genres, including classical ballet, flamenco, belly dancing, tango, and Asian fusion, among others, with a total of up to 12 videos displayed on the stage's numerous TV screens. The recorded performances will be skillfully slowed down to highlight the performers' breath rhythm and emphasize the precise and demanding nature of their craft. This presentation serves to inspire viewers to recognize and appreciate the determination and hard work required to become a professional dancer. It is an invitation to follow one's passions and dreams, to face the challenges and obstacles along the way with courage, and to strive for the fulfillment of one's true potential.

The Recorded Performances:
To elevate the spectacle to new heights, the mesmerizing performances will be showcased on a free-standing vertical TV screen, featuring double-sided displays securely encased within a sleek metallic frame. Strategically arranged in a circular formation reminiscent of the hours on a clock, the screens will add an enchanting dimension to the overall presentation, further immersing the audience into the performance.

The sculptures:
The seven sculptures showcased in the exhibit are a striking embodiment of oversized characters that have been brought to life from the large paintings, creating an entirely new dimension. These unique sculptures are carefully crafted from a blend of premium-quality resin and metal to create a visually stunning effect that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Free-standing and meticulously designed, each sculpture is a true masterpiece in its own right, showcasing the artist's unique talent and passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

The set:
Drawing inspiration from a snow globe, the set design features a circular structure measuring 15 meters (50 feet) in diameter, elevated four feet from the ground to impart a grandiose dimension to the stage when illuminated. Its open-top configuration, resembling a window to the sky, not only affords an unparalleled view but also enables it to be captured from various angles, including aerial footage filmed by drones.

Artist Statement:

A breathtaking masterpiece has been unveiled, titled Breaking The Rules To Cadence Zero. This painted opera, accompanied by a one-minute video and a 3D 360° Virtual Tour, showcases the magnificent finale of a dream long-held and deeply cherished. The title, "CadenZero," represents the delicate and pivotal moment between each breath we take, a momentum on which our very lives depend.

As we navigated through numerous obstacles and obstacles, our team was able to overcome each challenge and achieve remarkable results. It is with immense joy and gratitude that we share this wondrous creation with you today. Your unwavering support, encouragement, and boundless kindness have fueled us every step of the way, making this enchanting project a reality.

In our constant pursuit of innovation and appreciation for the present moment, this project seamlessly merges the 2D and 3D mediums, embodying the essence of our time. With virtual reality, the viewer is transported into a realm where they can physically or virtually immerse themselves in the artworks and screens, amplified by the grand scale of the paintings, each weaving a unique narrative through traditional oil painting techniques with visible brushstrokes, augmented by a stunning 3D chromatic depth effect. Our project is a beckoning call to take a moment and bask in the enchanting atmosphere, with an unconventional and captivating rhythm, ultimately leading to the emancipation of Cadence Zero.

Through a process of fragmentation and dissection, we have aimed to foster new artistic thinking and provide fresh perspectives. We cordially invite you to take a virtual tour of our exhibition in 360 degrees.

Our virtual installation boasts vibrant and nuanced effects that elevate the arts from a two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional entity in space, akin to a fractal atom-moment. It serves as a perpetual leader, a gauge of a clock that loops in place while leading the spiral of time, encapsulated in a single breath of air. At its heart lies the essence of "CadenZero."

We cordially welcome you to a sublime amalgamation of masterful skill, an interplay of diverse modes of creative expression and artistic mediums, akin to the dance of a clown juggling balls with a seamless rhythm. The act is a testament to the invisible yet evident spiral of progress and growth, where the number of balls in the throw determines the happiness of the clown in surpassing their own limits. With this project, we pushed ourselves beyond our limits to present the pinnacle of our artistic and design prowess in 2022. We now invite you to immerse yourself in a hypnotic trance and indulge in a fleeting moment of pure bliss and unbridled happiness.

 PS: As a visionary creator, a masterful artist, and a gifted composer, I am elated to share with you the embodiment of joy and harmony through the vibrant colors and intricate forms of my latest creation. The fruition of this project would not have been possible without the unwavering support and contribution of my partner JV, whose mastery of technology brought this beautiful 3D model and virtual reality tour to life. Together, we have crafted a harmonious fusion of art and technology, offering a transcendent experience to all who partake in it.