Licensing: Project Angels of Love (2021) - Oil on Canvas
Licensing: Project Angels of Love (2021) - Oil on Canvas
Licensing: Project Angels of Love (2021) - Oil on Canvas

Licensing: Project Angels of Love (2021) - Oil on Canvas

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This painting is a profound exploration of the cycle of life, as it is experienced across multiple dimensions and realities. Through a masterful use of color and contrast, the artist has created a visual representation of the endless journey of the soul, as it travels from the realm of the angels to the human world, and beyond.

The painting is dominated by a spiral, which serves as a visual metaphor for the stream of consciousness that flows through all living beings. At the center of the spiral is an angel, depicted with her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted, as if in a state of deep contemplation. The choice of light blue for the angel's skin tone and the surrounding environment creates a sense of innocence and purity, evoking the gentle yet powerful nature of the angelic realm.

As we follow the spiral outward, we see the angel transform into a human being, represented by the fashionable shoes and clothing. The shoes, with their high heels, serve as a symbol of the contemporary era and the challenges that come with modern life. The contrast between the angel and the human form underscores the profound transformation that occurs as the soul journeys through different realms and dimensions.

The eagle, with its protective and fatherly authority, serves as a reminder of the higher forces that shape our destiny. The wheel of fortune carried by the eagle represents the ever-changing nature of our lives, and the need to embrace the uncertainty and unpredictability of the journey.

Through the use of vivid brushstrokes and dynamic colors, the artist captures the energy and motion of the journey, while the calm expression on the angel's face invites us to pause and reflect on the deeper meaning of the painting. Ultimately, this painting is a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things, and the eternal cycle of birth, growth, and transformation that shapes our lives.

 Medium: Oil on Canvas - Size: 160 cm x 540 cm - 86,400 cm2  Square Centimeters

60" x 216" = 12,900 Square Inches - Year: 2021 - Lot#4201 Not Framed - 

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SILHOUETTES #2 of 6 entitled: "Angels Of Love"

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