Project: BAZ TIME ZERO - 2018
Project: BAZ TIME ZERO - 2018
Project: BAZ TIME ZERO - 2018

Project: BAZ TIME ZERO - 2018

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The present is incommensurable. As humans, we are the products of the past, and workers for the future. The Present is something we cannot touch or grasp; it is the ongoing TIME ZERO within which we find ourselves.

BAZ is a large metallic installation made with two parallel side panels that join at the top with a square, open space which connects all areas. This with the perforated patterns in each panel, make way for the wholly present flow of air, water, and light so that these elemental energies may weave themselves betwixt and between the panels and viewers.

Underneath BAZ lies a glass platform upheld by a pyramidal structure. At each corner below BAZ lies a set of transparent stairs that lead toward the center. 

As we ascend these steps, we’re pulled up toward an engulfing sense of presence. Atop the platform, we find ourselves as far away from BAZ as we are from the ground. To the same degree that we have been lifted up, we are also held below BAZ’ square, open space. We have found ourselves in the open void at BAZ’ center of gravity. Suspended between past and future, we are immersed in the ongoing TIME ZERO.

We are also tunneled in by BAZ’ two perforated panels.  Face to face with the perforations, our often racing minds stand still for an instant to embrace the closeness forged by the moving and the unmoving elements around us. It is here that the flow of energies is felt. 

We find ourselves looking through the perforations as though they are windows to the past or to the future. We are at the intersection of time and space, where everything meets and departs. It is here that the main focus of our existence becomes the present.