Licensing of Project: Painted Opera-Ballet " BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO" 2022
Licensing of Project: Painted Opera-Ballet " BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO" 2022
Licensing of Project: Painted Opera-Ballet " BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO" 2022
Licensing of Project: Painted Opera-Ballet " BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO" 2022
Licensing of Project: Painted Opera-Ballet " BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO" 2022
Licensing of Project: Painted Opera-Ballet " BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO" 2022
Licensing of Project: Painted Opera-Ballet " BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO" 2022

Licensing of Project: Painted Opera-Ballet " BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO" 2022

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BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO -Inspired by Autobiographical moments in life (1979) - An Opera in six acts. Each act is an individual art exhibition, featuring oil paintings sculptures, poems & music, live performing art, and film.

Rejoice in this immersive experiment empowering the MOMENT we live in, the ongoing TIME ZERO, the precious moments with which we built and continue building our lives in association with all commons, Air, Light, Water, Sound, Perfume of a Morning Dew, Nature & Love.


The story:
A 10-year-old girl is in church looking up and around, she is in discovery! She realizes how strong is the power of imagination. Contemplating the frescos, the sculptures, the paintings, and the angelic voices of the choir make everything move and dance with subtle motion, every second now is filled with emotion in color, she is immersed in the wonderful bright rays of divine light projected from the stained glass windows. Her mind wanders and she is her world of imagination.
The concept is to project holographic film simultaneously in tandem with the performance on stage enhancing the surroundings, and seating area included, with an immersive experience for the spectator. The holographic installation and film projection are the representation of the little girl's world of imagination including, the projection of dance performances, oil paintings, real birds chirping, and butterflies. Both performances (Live in real-time and holographic) will be playing on stage at the same time. 
The Stage Layout: 
Inspired by the Snow Globe theme, the stage will be central and circular in shape at 3 feet above the floor. The seating will be around the stage for up to 10 rows only. The visuals live and holographic will be playing on stage in the middle of the theater.
The film will show similar choreography at a separate speed from the one in real time. At times voluntarily, it will show the artist in slow-motion to emphasize the movement. For example, a Pirouette or Pas de Cheval on stage at a slower speed next to the Live Performance to create a new cadence.
The holographic film will illustrate a choreography in coordination with the same audio. 
The Music played for both performances will be the same. It will include the sound of nature, and classical music remixed to match our choreography.
The Choreography will be a mix of 15 minutes from each ballet listed below, a reprise of the most powerful sequences of classical opera ballets such as 1)Swan Lake, 2)Romeo and Juliette, 3)The Sleeping Beauty, 4)The Nutcracker, 5) Don Quixote, 6) Giselle
The Cadence here is in place to emphasize the hard work ballerinas and all artists put into their work to provide an aesthetically appealing performance. 
It is to celebrate all ballerinas and little girls and boys who want to dream, and dreaming big is allowed!

I have created this 90 min spectacle associating film and live performance. ALL HAPPENING IN FRONT of the viewer, the stage becomes the focal point of view from all sights. Inducing the desired speed I create a new cadence as a silent invitation to the viewer. I have created a 360-degree, moving picture with awkward and unexpected surprises, as little interferences to surprise the viewer or sometimes chock the viewer with something they would have never imagined.  

With 3D CHROMA DEPTH effect. Have you got 3D glasses yet?? Wear them if you have them while viewing the artwork! 




An original Opera, painted, created, and directed by Marianne Nems

Breaking the rules is an enchanting artistic expression, a cognitive experience with contemporary techniques. With this choreography, I am using this formula to introduce CADENCE. By reducing the speed of flamenco (see the trailer in the video above) to a desired slow-motion visual speed, and keeping the Ballet to a normal speed as a live performance, but changing the rhythm originally associated with the "PAS" (the movements in the ballet choreography), dis-associate then dispossess and dismembering the ballet from its own éternel partnered-up-symphony, we end up by evoking multiple senses of real, possible, yet aesthetic AKWARDNESS. Because the performance is still coordinated with the costumes and the set decors, it is still elegant and in place fitting the purpose. It is also, respectful of the art, not mocking but more elevating; not degrading, instead, magnifying the movement. It is more like an eye-opener leading to other visions. It is still glorifying the dancers. We are able to feel the passion, witness the effort, guess the pain, and acknowledge the professionalism and the practice behind the work.

I am disassociating the aesthetic from the artist, so there will be no labels or associations in the art! art is free expression, so I am freeing my ballerinas and letting all dance as they please! It is ballerinas on the wedding day, The ballerinas are gone wild!!

The flamenco performer went in calm slow-motion, and the belly dancer is now a rocker, by all the visual cadence between all that is moving, the hair, and the costumes in the painted characters, also play a very important role in the visual, association to the auditive rhythm and movement (cadence -rhythm) we are slowing down our metabolism. I keep you from the usual excitement to enjoy the new as a surprise and make you laugh with aestheticism and magic. 

I invite you to walk into my magical world for 90 minutes where the excitement regulates your hormonal system and it may even induce endorphins naturally.


Breaking The Rules is an enchanting artistic expression, a cognitive experience with contemporary artistic techniques. With this choreography, I am using this formula to introduce CADENCE.  USING FILM  TO reduce the speed of flamenco to a desired slow-motion speed, and keeping the Ballet to a normal speed but changing the rhythm between the "PAS", and the movements, dis-associate the ballet from its own symphi=ony, we end up evoking multiple senses the brain of Akwarndess yet aesthetic because now it is all about the combination of it all and the art is what makes you happy and you get to focus on what is real and is not. 

This is why the IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE is to import you into my world of imagination. Here is my film, I am using opposite energies, becoming complementary. I emphasize this phenomenon purposely to eliminate and vanish the negative. Using the simple formula of (-2) and (+2)=ZERO. I am inviting the viewer to prepare to slow down with this concoction to rejoice with and appreciate the present and the people in it. Nothing lasts forever.

Making this film amused me. To see that by slowing down the CADENCE and breaking the rules of matching the movement and cultural and ethnic dance types, little we are able to create another way of viewing the obvious. It just gives the movement a different meaning, another color, and another culture. It rejoices me to integrate tradition and ethnic dances into the contemporary art world. To me, it is the power of re-inventing the present, reinventing yourself, and reinventing your life if you. 

I like to re-invent my art. Therefore I create projects that are in synchronization with an invention of some sort. To me, it is just like a different lipstick on the same old face :)! Nothin much! Then I feel that this little new lipstick uplifted my spirit and made me feel stronger. 

My art is designed and fabricated to bring you joy and uplift your spirit, that is all :)!

With your open mind, your collaboration, and your partnership, we all will end up innovating and pushing the forces of positivity, the forces of the ongoing advancing technology to innovate and inspire through our artistic free expression and freedom to create with knowledge. 

My message to the world is to take a moment to comprehend and contemplate what goes on behind the scene. How much effort and practice it takes to be great! Slowing down and reflecting when it is needed is necessary and the way to spiritual wisdom and growth with positive energy.

This spectacle is dedicated to all the little girls and boys suffering in the world. I'd like to tell them that while making this opera, I thought of them and prayed for them every day. 

This video above is the combination of 3 trailers of 3 minutes each, of my Painted Opera Entitled: SILHOUETTES please watch to the end without interruption if possible unless it is to get popcorn :)!!

The full spectacle is 90MIN WITH REAL dancers and real people. It will be held in a giant snow globe at the PAMM (Perez Art Museum Miami. The seating layout is designed in a rising spiral so everyone can see.  To open soon.

IT COULD BE PROJECTED UNDER THE MOONLIGHT OUTDOOR OR INDOOR  & INDOOR EXHIBITION OF THE ARTWORK RELATED TO THE OPERA including Oil Paintings, Sculptures, Wall Suspensions, Nft room, Screening Room, VR area, and a shopping area.

These ballerinas put very hard work behind those 10 minutes and I too did a lot of hard work like daily pain, food deprivation, social deprivation, etc... Those Ballerinas brought to you laughter and happiness, they uplifted you, right?

Here you can check out this video from Darcey Bussell, British Prima Ballerina.

Here is my video. I voluntarily mixed the ballet with the wrong original soundtrack, this awkwardness is in place on purpose. 

So voila I broke the rules to give you something special that is dear to me: Silhouettes.

WHEN I COMPOSE OR PAINT I FEEL the need for OSMOSIS, to find that inspiration requires all three mediums combined in one format! This is why I am giving my digital artwork an opera to pay homage to all the humans in the world and the rest of us up there!

It takes me a lot of time, sometimes 3 months to finish a painting because I compose it first, then I dress it for the occasion, then I add the music, and then I tune and tone the style of the painting, the finale,  which is my favorite moment! The final brush stroke! Where you say: “ok, it’s done!”  You are Indeed departing from a slice of your life. There is a part of me in every painting! So I always like to get it right, to get the message right before it leaves the studio forever.

You know my work is going to outlive me! Those paintings will last for a long time! I feel I have responsibility with the messages in my paintings, an engagement with the Lord God almighty for eternity :)

Then the movement is interactive because we have flamenco in slow motion while right before we were ballerina fast dancing, and we see the full contrast, so now we are working on the same psyche, adding two organized ethical contradictions and elegant synchronization in tandem with the sound effect and music.  I show at the end my flamenco exhausted woman dancer who flips the public at the end of her act as a salutation, as a reverence because she has given it all!!  Because it is her truth and mine as well, I have given it all!!!

I find GRACE AND PAIN in a movement when it's beautifully, athletically, and aesthetically executed, the beauty of the movement is what attracts me, and I embrace and paint with care. For the painted movement to provoke a sensation in the viewers, the inexplicable and the unexpected become surprisingly enchanting because of the beauty of the movement itself.

The Pointe that never moves! AH, it is unique! Like a STOP on an image in an oil painting in the association of the movie related to the painted ballerina will bring the still painting to life! That's my goal. It is to bring all my paintings to life and give them their true meaning, a soul so every time you look at them it rejoices you because of the memory of the happy sensation you had in the Opera, from 90 minute immersive experiment from the painting, the movements, and music and from 3D and Holographic special effects. 

Our sensations are a beautiful language and when we mix all three sensations above with the smell of incense and the climate outdoors of Miami beach after living an urban cold lifestyle for 4 decades!! OMG!!! I mean really I feel this magical osmosis. I am inspired and I want to paint quickly before it goes!!! So it is really those magical and special moments that drive my spirit to paint! I guess this makes me a spiritual artist. This is when I am at my best. It is again the inspiration of the day which brings the final, so it is a process.

My goal is to make you think and laugh and then laugh again until you finally admit to yourself that you were ENTERTAINED AND UPLIFTED!!! I thank you for that because it is exactly what it was designed for, TO MAKE YOU HAPPY - I WISH FOR THE BIG KIDS and the small kids TO KEEP WATCHING IT, as many times as they want :)) 

This trailer is FREE to watch!!!!!! GRATIS The show is to open soon.

I created this opera while listening to music as if I was hearing the notes in color. The notes were rose, blues, greens, yellow, and many more. Every note called for a brushstroke on the canvas.

The message as a war child who could never learn baler or piano because of…is to feel the now- I felt the now and it drove my path, it is the evidence- the inevitable extasy: HEAVEN - Open up to the truth and the light will come to you. Then you will see that the true light becomes You ~ M.N

Created & Directed By Marianne Nems

Choreography & Ballet Mix entitled BREAKING THE RULES TO CADENCE ZERO

Edited & Published By Marianne Nems Studio

An original Opera, painted, created, and directed by Marianne Nems