SILHOUETTES #1 Athena’s Dance- Mixed Media & Limited Edition

SILHOUETTES #1 Athena’s Dance- Mixed Media & Limited Edition

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SILHOUETTES #1 Athena’s Dance

Size:  60 x 60 (160 x 160 cm)


Mixed Media on Aluminum by Marianne Nems is an original painting over metal in a limited series of 1/1 ONLY- Each painting is painted per order. Lead time is 3-4 weeks

Print on Aluminum is a limited edition of 1/10 artwork only, signed and numbered by

Artist: Marianne Nems

Year: 2021

"SILHOUETTES: BALLERINAS ON A WEDDING DAY" which you may find in my gallery, showing eight ballerinas dancing in celebration around the pregnant bride and the strong groom. Every ballerina featured in my painting will have 12 individual and different NFT's telling their wonders.

In my SILHOUETTES project in painting N1, I have painted ballerinas, their body torsions and facial expressions fascinate me. How they mask their pain with elegance, how they mold their grand persona around will and determination amaze me, just to please and impress with Gracefulness and grandness, always lifting higher no matter what it takes and how much it hurts! That is the purpose and the message of my painting. 

They are unique, each ballerina has different dynamics, and has strong messages to deliver. Ballerinas to me represent LIFE ITSELF, BALLERINAS ARE SYMBOL FOR LOVE & STRENGTH COMBINATION. It fascinates me! It inspires me!