SILHOUETTES N1, "Ritah & Rebeccah" 2021 - Oil On Canvas

SILHOUETTES N1, "Ritah & Rebeccah" 2021 - Oil On Canvas

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Medium: Oil on Canvas 

Size: 160 cm x 270 cm (5 Ft x 9 Ft)

Year: 2021 


Not Framed - Stretched 

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In my first SILHOUETTES, I painted ballerinas, their body torsion and facial expression fascinate me. How they mask their pain with elegance, and how they mold their persona amazes me. They are unique, have a different dynamic, and have a strong message. They do this because they are passionate! You must love it so much to go through such a hardship! Ballerinas to me represent LIFE ITSELF, BALLERINAS ARE SYMBOL FOR LOVE & STRENGTH COMBINATION. It fascinates me! It inspires me!

Each "SILHOUETTES " represents One large unique visual as shown above and 14 unique paintings. This is a great and intense project I have put together, especially for collectors who like to stay in touch and love their passion for the arts. 

My next character for SILHOUETTES will be with a definition. I prefer painting with strong brush strokes. Once in front of my white canvas, I'll just paint... For daily updates follow me on Instagram

From a technical point of view, my paintings are made up of ten layers, the first of which is gesso to create an invisible layer of three-dimensional strokes, and I work in layers of multiple tints. The final results are amazing with the 3D glasses!!!

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