Angels of Love 2021 - Mixed Media on Aluminum
Angels of Love 2021 - Mixed Media on Aluminum
Angels of Love 2021 - Mixed Media on Aluminum

Angels of Love 2021 - Mixed Media on Aluminum

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Medium: Mixed Media on Aluminum 

Size: 160 cm x 540 cm - 86,400 cm2  Square Centimeters

60" x 216" = 12,900 Square Inch

Year: 2021 

Artist: Marianne Nems 

Lot # 4200

Not Framed - 

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SILHOUETTES #2 of 6 entitled: "Angels Of Love"

Each "SILHOUETTES " represents One large unique visual as shown above and 14 unique paintings. This is a great and intense project I have put together, especially for collectors who like to stay in touch and love their passion for the arts. 

It is an ethereal imagination. Painting what it would be to up into the cosmic world. Traveling through time and waves of other phenomena that we don't have answers for. The message behind the closed eyes is a sign of acceptance and appreciation. "It is what it is and that's ok, said Angela! I Accept and appreciate you."
Angels of Love is a message of love obviously but besides the emphasis on aesthetic art is also a strong message for appreciation, acceptance, and humbleness.

Painted in September-October 2021

The first feeling of freedom! White whole 6 yards of canvas just for me to start the travels towards Freedom. The arrivals of Angela who is spinning from the world of Angelina, through the windmill of the Milky Way. It is the spin arriving from a world where we grab onto materialistic aspects of life so hard. That even the softest side in us becomes hard. See the feather of the bird grabbing the hardtail of another bird right below, randomly grabbing to a point to we lose.

It is then that we make the trip to freedom when we reach the bottom!

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