SILHOUETTES N4, "ENTANGLEMENT (3)" 2022 - Oil Painting & Mixed Media

SILHOUETTES N4, "ENTANGLEMENT (3)" 2022 - Oil Painting & Mixed Media

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Medium: Oil on Canvas - Mixed Media - 24K Gold Leaf

Size: 60" x 60" (152cm x 152" )

60" x 60"

Year: 2022

Lot# 4406

Artist: Marianne Nems 

Not Framed - Not Stretched 

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SILHOUETTES #4 of 6 entitled:  “ENTANGLEMENT "

This is a great and intense project I have put together, especially for collectors who like to stay in touch with their passion for the arts. 

I love this one In particular because it shows really my secret weapon: the chromatic depth effect from each layer I apply. Also as a painter in 3D space, this composition can be viewed in three rotations:

  1.  horizontal as it is shown here and as originally painted,
  2. Vertical rotating it Clockwise
  3. Vertical rotating it Counterclockwise 
  4. Mirrored-Vertical rotating it clockwise and then mirroring the visual  

SPIN YOUR PHONE or see the images, I have posted all views 👍👍👍

Take your time to discover This painting. It is so reduced, the accurate dimensions: 60” x  216” long ( 160 cm x 540 cm ) 


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