"The Prophecies" Mixed Media Limited Edition 1/200
"The Prophecies" Mixed Media Limited Edition 1/200
"The Prophecies" Mixed Media Limited Edition 1/200

"The Prophecies" Mixed Media Limited Edition 1/200

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Entitled: "THE PROPHECIES" is the book cover for "book 1" from the SAGA entitled: "THE WORLD WHERE LOVE NEVER DIES" written by author Jean Vincent Naurais.

Each canvas consists of 8 to 10 layers of paint, with its bottom layer in gesso. Using gesso allows me to create an invisible layer of subtle 3-dimensional strokes. Subsequently, I carefully select and mix the color palette and tones to achieve the 3-dimensional effect desired. 

The final visual offers bright and lively colors. It leaves the eye wandering from one painting to the other in a spiral shift. It’s a true draw working on the subliminal. It is innovative and unique. For more thrills, I suggest that the viewer wears the ChromaDepthⓇ3D glasses to discover the depth of the layers in all their chromatic intensity.

The Limited Series Editions

To achieve the most accurate and vibrant finish I use digital techniques. I find that the stunning appearance of pigments with oil painting including the brush strokes on aluminum lifts the medium from ordinary to extraordinary. I like to practice traditional high-quality oil painting techniques as a base, then mixed with innovative and contemporary artistic technology for a brilliant, high-resolution final artwork. I wish to provide valuable and collectible artwork with longevity and unicity in tandem with personal meaning to the collector. All my artworks are numbered and will be delivered with a certificate of authentication from my art studio in Miami Beach, Florida (USA).

  •  Mixed Media on Aluminum:

This is a Limited Edition: Series of 1/200 (one over two hundred)

Medium: Mixed Media including Oil, Acrylic, and Digital Painting on Aluminum (2 mm & Backed for instant hanging)

Size: 127 cm x 101 cm x 2 mm (50” x 40”x 1/16”)

Year: 2020

Price:  2,490 Euros (signed & numbered by the artist)


  • Mixed Media on Canvas

This is Limited Edition - Series 1/200 (one over two hundred)

Size: 127 cm x 101cm x 5cm (50” x 40”x 1.5”)

Price: 1,490 Euros (signed & numbered by the artist)