"Tree Of Life" Oil Painting

"Tree Of Life" Oil Painting

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Entitled: "TREE OF LIFE" is the book cover for "book 3" from the SAGA entitled: "THE WORLD WHERE LOVE NEVER DIES" written by author Jean Vincent Naurais.

Each canvas consists of 8 to 10 layers of paint, with its bottom layer in gesso. Using gesso allows me to create an invisible layer of subtle 3-dimensional strokes. Subsequently, I carefully select and mix the color palette and tones to achieve the 3-dimensional effect desired. 

The final visual offers bright and lively colors. It leaves the eye wandering from one painting to the other in a spiral shift. It’s a true draw working on the subliminal. It is innovative and unique. For more thrills, I suggest that the viewer wears the ChromaDepthⓇ3D glasses to discover the depth of the layers in all their chromatic intensity.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 50" x 40" (127 cm x 100 cm)

Artist: Marianne Nems

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